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What To Do When Virtual Assistant Needed

Why Is a Virtual Assistant Needed?

virtual assistant neededRunning a business is a tough job whether you own it or are managing it. Often you will find however that instead of being able to concentrate on your own tasks you have to do many other small tasks that rapidly eat away at all of the time that you have available. You find that you are unable to concentrate the required time on doing your own job. But hiring another person may just not be possible with your available budget and space.

This is where being able to hire virtual assistants can come to your aid. Virtual assistants can cover all of those small or time consuming tasks that are stopping you from concentrating on running and growing your business. They can help with everything from small administrative tasks through to running side projects that are consuming your available time. They are often superior to staff that you would hire yourself to work within your business and are highly experienced at performing the tasks that you require completing.

Finding and hiring them however can be a little hit and miss if you try to hire remote workers directly. We offer professional services that can give you access to a full range of virtual assistants that are already proven. Using our services is as simple as following the process below:

  1. Let Us Know That You Are Looking for a Virtual Assistant

looking for a virtual assistantIf you are looking for a virtual assistant just simply fill out the order form that is available on our website. Our site is available 24/7 and we have staff waiting to process your order around the clock to ensure that we deal with your request quickly and efficiently. All of the information that you provide at this stage and throughout your dealings with us is treated with strict confidentiality at all times.

Our staff will review your order and provide you with a quotation for the services that you require. If any additional information is required they will contact you directly to clarify exactly what you are looking for so that we can be sure that we provide precisely the help that you will need.

  1. Make Payment for Services

Our services are highly affordable with no hidden charges squirreled away within the small print. All payments are made according to our agreements and are made through highly recognizable and secure methods online to ensure that your hard earned cash is safe. We provide a full satisfaction money back guarantee with all of our services so if you are not completely happy with the help that is provided we will either work with you to correct the situation or we will provide you with a refund on the work done.

  1. We Assign Your Virtual Assistant

hire virtual assistantsOnce we have fully reviewed your order we will assign the most qualified and experienced of our staff to work with you. Our service has more than 200 very experienced staff that cover a wide range of different disciplines and industries and we will always match their specific skill set to your unique requirements to ensure that you get to work with someone that is going to be able to do the work with a minimum amount of supervision and training. Our staff are:

  • From admin assistants through to senior executive position holders
  • Holders of higher degrees within the areas in which they work
  • Fully experienced and trained within the areas in which they are tasked to work
  • Experienced within the industry they are asked to work
  • Professional service providers are certified through relevant bodies
  • Able to use a wide range of different software packages that are used in the task
  • Highly dedicated to providing our clients with full satisfaction
  • Quick starters so that they can get to work with the minimum of instruction
  • Have the required equipment and software to do the task
  1. Review and Monitor Work Provided

Our staff will follow your instructions as to what work is required and when. Either on an ongoing hourly basis or on a task by task basis. They will keep you up to date with regular progress reports as required. Work can be reviewed as and when you require and should you feel that any changes or improvements are required the VA will make unlimited alterations until you are fully satisfied with the va services provided. Our aim is to ensure that your tasks are completed with the minimum of interruption to your work schedule and to the highest of standards at all times.

  1. Complete Task

Whether it is transcription, data entry or ongoing project management it will be delivered within the timescales that were agreed at the start of the work. Our staff will work closely with you at all times within the process to ensure that you always get precisely what you are looking for and that it is well written and error free at all times.

Once the task is finished then unlike hiring your own staff our virtual worker will move onto another task for another client without any awkward and sometimes costly separation.

Benefits of Our Process

need a virtual assistantIf you need a virtual assistant just follow the simple process above and you will quickly be provided with a VA that is already trained and experienced ensuring that they can get straight into the work. With our service you don’t have to worry about all of the additional overhead costs that are usually associated with hiring, training, and accommodating staff. Nor do you have to worry about finding them space, equipment or even internet connections as our staff all work within their own personal office environments.

So if a virtual assistant needed to undertake work within your business just contact us today for support that is guaranteed and reliable at all times!