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Virtual Phone Assistant Services

hire virtual phone assistantA virtual phone assistant service allows you to outsource tasks such as making a positive connection with your clients on the phone, answering your phone during hours your business is closed and more increasingly even managing items on your business smartphone. The first point of contact between your business and the customers is often times the phone. Our VA service can ensure you have a trustworthy, professional and friendly voice to answer calls swiftly and competently. We put the personable back in your phone answering service.

Hiring one of our online assistants gives you peace of mind in knowing that a pleasant voice by someone knowledgeable in your particular business is making the initial and/or repeat phone contacts with your customers that will encourage them to want to return. How a customer is treated, whether it is on the phone or not, is often a deciding factor on if they will continue to seek out your services.

Virtual Phone Assistant Hours

Virtual phone assistants can be hired to work a specific set of hours, any time day or night. You can hire for an event or happening that is only taking place one time, or you can hire more long-term. Both the time and hours your VA will work is entirely up to you. If you are just looking for someone to answer phones and provide basic receptionist skills during the peak office hour times, you can certainly hire our service to help. If you are hiring a remote team to answer during off-hours, we can also help in that area as well. Basically, any scenario you can think up, our online assistants can handle.

Our virtual phone assistants can also perform a number of tasks, such as providing local business hours, providing general office information, and directing callers on proper office procedures. Virtual assistant services allow you to rest easy, knowing your phones are being answered promptly, no matter the day, no matter the time, and no matter how busy it might be in the office, at any given time.

Virtual Assistant Phone Answering

virtual assistant phone answering helpVirtual assistant phone answering services mean your customers will never have to receive an answering machine or dropped line again. It also means no more frustrating phone loops that leave them with unanswered questions and an unfavorable opinion about your business. No one likes to get stuck in an automated telephone system that leaves them with the same questions upon hanging up that they had when they dialed in. Our virtual assistant phone answering service ensures they make human contact, and get sincere and real answers every single time.

Our remote team of assistants can also provide you with incoming and outgoing email services on your business smartphone. By outsourcing email management tasks virtually, your inbox could be cleaned up and maintained very quickly. Having to sort through a multitude of e-mails on your phone is definitely time-consuming. When they go to a smartphone, you often handle such tasks yourself rather than having a secretary or receptionist to do it. When you hire one of our remote team online assistants that no longer has to be the case.

Virtual Assistants Can Transfer Phone Calls Too!

virtual assistant for callsNot only can you have your phone answered by a professional and kind voice, any time day or night but you can also have certain phone calls transferred to you. Work meeting on the golf course, and you need to have your phone for one certain call but don’t want to be bothered by others (or any other similar type of scenario)? Then this is the virtual service for you. Our phone call screeners will virtually answer your phone and provide information as needed to callers, forwarding only calls specifically designated by you to come through.

What a relief not to have to think of your phone 24/7 anymore. Whether it is the work phone in the office, or the smartphone you use for business, our virtual assistants stand at the ready to help you get those calls answered, filtered and screened, to better help streamline the calls you have coming in. Save time by outsourcing your phone tasks to us.

The process to hire a virtual phone assistant is a breeze. Just a few simple steps and we’ll have your phone lines ringing through to us, instead of to you, on the hours when you need that to be true.

Someone is always on the other end of the line with our virtual phone assistant services, and that’s just good business!