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Virtual Assistant Transcription Service

What Is Virtual Assistant Transcription

virtual assistant transcription serviceAccurate transcription can be very time consuming, to say the least. One way to ease your burden and free up time is to hire our virtual assistant transcription services. Virtual Assistant Transcription simply means you hire a member of our remote team to do the transcribing for you. Our virtual assistants are able to take pre-recorded media files in many different types of formats. We are also able to work with you using import audio technology such as can be found on mobile apps and in using programs such as Dropbox. We realize there are many different styles and situations that require transcription, and we work with you to try and find a way to work with them all. That means that whether it is audio or video that you are working with, it is very likely we have a way or will find one that is compatible to transmit and work with the materials you need to have transcribed.

Our remote team can also work on bulk transcription products and orders too. Contact us to set up the details, and be assigned to a virtual assistant team. All of the work we do for you will always be and remain entirely confidential.

Virtual Assistant Transcription Services

online virtual assistant transcription servicesWe offer a variety of transcription options, for any English accent or dialect. We provide transcription for audio, on-screen, film, video, webinars, podcasts and more. Our best virtual assistant transcriptionists are experienced and guarantee you a print-out that is 100% accurate, and that is guaranteed.

We can transcribe single, multiple or bulk products. We work with your short transcription goals, long-term deadlines and everything in between. We can assign one VA to you, or multiple virtual assistants, depending on the type and amount of transcription it is that you need.

Communication before and during the transcription is always open. We have a team of online assistants fully trained and experienced in virtual assistant transcription services. If one person is having trouble with a particularly challenging transcription assignment, another person will be brought in to assist at no charge to you, to ensure your transcriptions deadlines are met.

Getting a Quote for Your Virtual Assistant Transcriptionist

virtual assistant transcriptionist onlineThere are a lot of transcription services out there, so trying to decide on the right one for you can sometimes be a challenge. Trying to search online for the right fit can easily become overwhelming as there is definitely information overload on a ‘virtual assistant’ search. Sometimes easy is better, that is true in the case of hiring our virtual assistant transcription services. We provide you with a very stress-free and user-friendly way to get an accurate quote for both completion time and price on most any transcription product that you might have for us. In fact, getting a quote from your virtual assistant transcriptionist is as easy as clicking a button.

Here are the steps you will need to take. Simply fill out the questionnaire, letting us know what type of document or audio you need transcribed. Then you will need to let us know the length of what it is you need to have transcription services for (word count, page numbers minutes or hours for audio or video). Finally we will need to have a deadline: When do you need the work completed and by what final date do you need it returned to you? Our virtual assistant staff will then take a look at what it is you would like to have done, and how long it will take to complete the virtual transcription. Within 24 hours, you they will return a fair assessment to you of what the cost will be.

Once an agreement is established, our remote team will get right to work on what it is that you need done. See, the process is very simple! You can rest assured too that our virtual assistant transcription services are always reasonably priced, and of course every job will be backed by both our 100% quality and money-back guarantees.

Transcription is always time consuming, shift the time burden from your shoulders to ours with just one click!