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Virtual Assistant Blog Management

Virtual Assistant Blog Tasks

virtual assistant blog helpBlogging is a profession that is done in great part online. That makes outsourcing virtual assistant tasks a fairly easy thing to do. There are many virtual assistant blog tasks that can be done via a remote team. First and foremost, we have online assistants who can help with blog post writing. Our VA experts are well versed in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and can write you rich content that will be recognized by major search engines such as Google. Our online assistants can also help with blog post proofreading and editing, and even blog post publishing. We can visit other bloggers who visit you and leave a comment under your name to improve networking and page visits. Our virtual assistants can also help with the upkeep of the social media pages for your blog, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Polyvore, Instagram, Digg, StumbleUpon, Bloglovin’, YouTube and more.

We can help you determine which blog groups and site promoters such as Picket Fences or Top Mommy Blogger might be a good fit for you (examples, we do work for all types of blogs and businesses). Businesses are turning more and more to blogs to help generate their thoughts and market their ideas. It is a good idea to get in on the blogging trend because the opportunities a blog can afford your business have become very beneficial.

If it is ad networks you need to contact, to pitch ad space on your side bar, our virtual assistants are happy to step in and reach out to your contacts for you. We can negotiate rates per your requirements and correspond back and forth with the brand or service contacts. If you wish to pitch brands for future reviews, a virtual assistant can perform that task for you as well. If it is affiliate marketing you are hoping to implement or enhance, our team of online assistants can help you learn the best tricks and maneuvers for increasing your audience reach or click through rates.

Rich SEO VA Content Writing

va content writing serviceContent writing is a big deal if you have a blog. Whether you have monetized or not, it is the SEO content that is picked up in major search engines such as Google, that will bring new visitors over to read your content. Say for example, you want an article written on a specific topic. You want that specific blog post to pop up fairly quickly in the search engines used to discover information on the topic you wrote about (and the reader is searching to find). Readers notoriously do not go past the first or second page of an internet search so you need your blog posts to have the relevant terms in them that will garner the best results for you.

Likewise, titles can be tweaked or suggested in order to make them SEO rich and easier to find online by those who are searching for information on something you have written or discussed on your blog.

Virtual Assistant Article Writing

virtual assistant article writing onlineVirtual Assistant article writing can be done by a single writer, a team of writers, or whoever is available at the moment if you have a deadline. No more trying to juggle work, home and blog writing. If you have a topic, and an estimated word count, we are happy to create a draft or final version of an article for you. If your topic is going to require more than just a standard or typical blog post, we can work from an outline, verbal communication, email or notes, to create a series of posts, or an ongoing storyline for you, if that is something of interest. Our writers know how to work on a deadline and understand the importance of getting the assignments completed to you and turned in or posted on time. All blog work is written by quality writers with rich backgrounds, and a firm hold on all aspects of the English language, both written and verbal. If you need article writing to be formatted to better suit a Vlog post (or video blog post), we can assistant with tasks of that nature too. Most any task you would like to outsource for blogging, we are surely equipped and happy to handle.

Hire our Virtual Assistant Blog Management team to free up your time, increase your page views, and put you on a fast track for productivity!