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Virtual Management Assistant Tasks

What are some of the virtual management assistant tasks our service provides for you when you outsource small tasks? Running a business can be tough, and while the challenge is exciting at first it can quickly become a hassle as you get snowed under with work. “If only I had an online assistant to help me!” We’ve all been there. But while an online virtual assistant was a dream ten years ago, it’s now a reality available to you. You can avail benefits of outsourcing tasks, hiring virtual social media assistant and other remote workers.


How a Virtual Management Assistant Can Help

managed virtual assistants onlineOur team of skilled, expert professionals can help with a number of tasks including:

  • Order Processing – Why handle all your orders yourself when you could be focusing on what really matters?
  • Manage Inventory – Not all VR’s are skilled in inventory management – but our managed virtual assistants are. Take advantage of their hands-on experience.
  • Order Products – Our VR’s know when your stock needs to be replenished and will work with suppliers to keep your shelves stocked.

Who Are We?

virtual management assistantSmall Tasks Done are a busy team of friendly, communicative and dedicated virtual assistants who are committed to helping businesses embrace the remote world of working by promoting the benefits of task outsourcing. Home to a pool of professional, expert virtual management assistants, we aim to help take a load off you and your business so that you are free to grow it and become a leader in your field.

Why Work with Our Managed Virtual Assistants

managed virtual assistantsOur team care about work, business – and they care about you. Available to work when you want them, including outside regular hours, our virtual assistants are dedicated to helping your business reach the next level. If you’d like to hire a virtual assistant, the process is simple and takes a matter of minutes. There is no need for agency fees, extra office space, and you don’t need to add our VR to your payroll. Our service is flexible, versatile and 100% transparent.

Feel free to contact us today and hire the best virtual management assistant!