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Remote Executive Assistant Services

Why Would You Need a Remote Executive Assistant?

virtual executive assistantWhen you try to run or manage a business you will often find that no matter how hard you try that your time is rapidly consumed by things that you really should not be doing. So instead of you doing your actual job to grow and promote your company you are the one booking the flights and chasing up meetings and appointments. But there is usually no one that you can pass this burden on to within the business.

Hiring another is often out of the question especially if the company is small or relatively new; you just can’t afford it or take the risk of hiring an additional person. This is where a hiring a virtual executive assistant can help you. We can provide you with professional and reliable help at a fraction of the cost of traditional employment options with a flexibility that cannot be matched.

How Is Our Virtual Executive Assistant Qualified?

remote executive assistantMany agencies offer VA staff online as well as there being many freelancers that can do the work. The problem is that many are not as qualified or as capable as they claim. With more than 5 years in the industry however, we have built up a virtual assistant team of more than 200 experts that have proven themselves many times over within the roles in which they work. This ensures that when you ask us for a virtual employee you will always get one with a proven track record and the required skills.

Our VA Services will provide you with a remote executive assistant that is:

  • Higher degree qualified in a relevant discipline
  • Highly experienced at providing executive assistant services
  • Knows how to use all relevant software for the role
  • Is an effective self starter that will require minimum supervision
  • Is an excellent communicator with perfect English skills

How Can Our VA Help You?

virtual executive assistant websiteA virtual assistant providing executive support can help you with all of the following services and many more:

  • Managing your diary and calendar
  • Booking meetings and appointments
  • Booking flights and hotels
  • Answering your emails
  • Collating business reports and other information
  • Typing and other administrative support

The Benefits of Our Executive VA

Using virtual assistant business services is far better for you than using a more traditional employment model. By hiring our VA services you get access to a highly skilled and proven individual that is ready to get straight to work. They will follow your directions and work with you directly to ensure that they do precisely what you need. Not only do you gain access to a highly skilled and flexible worker you will also save a huge amount as a with a VA there are:

  • No hiring and recruitment costs
  • Complete flexibility with hiring and firing without penalties
  • No costs associated with maternity, holidays and healthcare
  • No issues with finding office space and equipment
  • Limited overhead costs associated with their employment
  • You only pay for work done not trips to the toilet and unofficial breaks

So if you are looking for a remote executive assistant that you can trust to deliver quality support while freeing up your precious time to work on your business get in touch here today!