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11 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant for Small Business

ByPM team

11 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant for Small Business

Using a virtual assistant for small business purposes is an easy way to reduce the burden of running a startup company. One of the most important tasks to learn early on is to delegate tasks to competent individuals. While giving up any measure of control in the early stages of running your business feels daunting, you would be wise to avoid burning out by trying to do every little thing yourself. Some things can be safely passed on to others to complete, and here are 11 reasons why you can use a virtual assistant for plenty of business-related tasks.

Reasons for Hiring a Personal Assistant

  1. The Expertise of a Small Business Virtual Assistant. When you’re firmly established as a legitimate small business virtual assistant support is something that could prove vital to your future success and growth. You’ll often find that a highly experienced virtual assistant has amassed a wealth of experience while working for various companies including everything from startups to major conglomerates. Let them put this expertise into practice in your small business.
  2. Virtual Assistants Are an Economical Choice. When you’re just starting out in a new business venture, another major hurdle is the issue of cash flow. If you’re at the stage where you can’t yet afford to employ another member of staff who has a physical presence in the business, a virtual assistant is the perfect choice. Virtual assistants are significantly cheaper to hire than a conventional employee would be.
  3. Run Your Business 24/7. Virtual assistants don’t have travel costs and can frequently adapt to all kinds of working hours if they are located somewhere in a different time zone. You can even make your business run 24/7 worldwide by making clever use of virtual assistants working from various corners of the globe. That said, you need to make sure that they’re familiar with the local business practices and culture of your geographical area.
  4. Spend Less Time Organizing Events. If you find yourself spending as much time on organizing meetings and other business functions as you do actually attending such things and making a difference to your bottom line, you need a virtual assistant. You can hire one for all kinds of reasons these days and you don’t have to be the CEO of a huge multinational to need an assistant.
  5. Hire Them For Specialized Tasks. Virtual assistant small business support functions are varied and may include anything from virtual assistant email management to administering your latest marketing campaign. That said, you can’t expect a single virtual assistant to be proficient in just anything you want them to do. Instead, focus on hiring a virtual assistant that specializes in completing tasks that you’re less competent at and thus take up a disproportionate amount of time for you to deal with alone.
  6. Improve Productivity in Specific Areas. Virtual assistant small business support is ideal when you don’t truly require a full-time employee, but rather you need an extra pair of safe hands when particular important tasks crop up. Let a virtual assistant take the strain when it comes to tasks that you can’t handle proficiently yourself, and you’ll see your productivity go right back up.
  7. Keeping on Top of Industry News. When you’re right in the thick of it, running your business from day to day, you probably don’t have the time to keep up with the latest changes within other companies within your industry sector. It’s very important that you remain completely up-to-date for practical business reasons as well to make sure you can walk the walk and not just talk the talk in front of your clients. If you make use of a savvy virtual assistant small business news is easy to keep abreast of.
  8. Use Them Only When You Need Them. A virtual assistant is essentially an independent contractor who works by the hour rather than on a salaried basis. They are cheaper to hire than temporary workers from agencies and come with few strings attached. You don’t need to worry about providing health insurance or that kind of thing.
  9. Virtual Assistants Make Your Business Run on Time. As an independent freelancer, a virtual assistant will be happy to work according to your schedule and they can easily work more hours if you are happy to pay for extra work. All of your projects will be sorted out in a timely fashion when you get hold of a high-quality virtual assistant. This is particularly true when you can use different time zones to your advantage and get things done ahead of schedule.
  10. If You’re Stuck for Physical Space. Even if you’re well on your way to success, you might find that you lack the space to accommodate new employees in your current office. This is a situation in which a virtual assistant is perfect because they work from home and don’t have to maintain a physical presence.
  11. Their Dedication Is Unparalleled. When you use a diligent and dedicated virtual assistant small business growth is almost a certainty. This is because your assistant is essentially self-employed. Their own success depends on the success of their clients, including yours. They will not sabotage their own reputation by doing a less than a stellar job for you.

Choosing the Perfect Fit for Your Business

So how to determine whether a virtual assistant suits your needs? Here are some things you need to pay attention to:

  1. Think about the tasks you want to delegate to your assistant, analyze them and find out whether it is cost-effective to outsource these tasks.
  2. Go over your usual tasks for a week, mark the ones that take the longest and think whether you feel confident to delegate these types of tasks to another person.
  3. Do you actually need a person from the USA? US-based assistants can charge up to $15 per hour, whilst people from abroad who have the same quality of work (some can have even better) may set a rate of $6.

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The Pros and Cons of Virtual Assistant for Small Business

As everything in the universe, VAs have their good and bad sides as well. But what are they?


  • Reducing cost flow. You pay only for working hours of the person, plus save up on Internet, rent or utilities since their all count as the cost of the assistant’s work. VAs can save up to 40% of your budget.
  • Efficiency. VAs know the drill of organizing the work process and finding ways of a sufficient time usage.
  • Have a more flexible business. If you want to conduct your business 24/7, you might benefit a lot from hiring a person from the other part of the world with suitable timezone. You sleep – the job is still done.
  • Stress-free. With delegating tasks you also take the burden of many responsibilities off your shoulders. Help to have a clearer mind and more energy on other things.


  • Lack of proper communication. No electronic message can beat live physical communication. Things can get misunderstood.
  • Language barrier. A lot of virtual assistants are non-native English speakers and might not only result in poor grammar but again in misunderstandings and differences in perceptions.
  • Risking your data. If you entrust your assistant with your business tasks, you’ll have to share a lot of important data with them. And there’s no guarantee that they will stay confidential about it.

Use these 11 reasons to hire a virtual assistant for small business purposes and consider the flip side of the coin as well. When you make the important decision to hire virtual help, you need to know exactly what you can gain from the situation. You can achieve untold success with the right approach towards hiring best virtual assistant services.

Consider hiring a virtual assistant for small business functions. Let an expert administrator take the strain and boost your business to the next level.

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