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Virtual Marketing Assistant

Why Do You Need a Virtual Marketing Assistant?

marketing virtual assistant helpMarketing is a vital task in any business no matter what industry you may be in. But often for small companies and start ups the task can be left to the owner or other management to do rather than a specialist that is experienced in this area. This prevents them from doing their own important job and rarely results in effective marketing efforts.

Hiring an additional member of staff however is not always affordable or possible. There are significant costs involved for recruitment and it may also be very difficult to find someone with the specific mix of skills that you may need for the position.

This is where our professional services come in as we can provide you with a virtual assistant marketing. Our services are quick and easy to use and we can ensure that you will be rapidly working with a true marketing expert with experience in the area in which you need help. To hire a virtual assistant is often no different option to having a full time employee within your own company but the costs and flexibility that you have are much better.

How Can a Marketing Virtual Assistant Help You?

marketing virtual assistantMarketing is a very broad field and using virtual assistants allows you the flexibility to gain expertise in many different areas, something that would be very difficult if you employed someone directly as they would be unlikely to be able to cover all areas of marketing. Our best virtual assistant services can provide you with marketing experts that can provide you with support with all of the following and much more:

  • Doing market research
  • Identifying opportunities for new products and services
  • Doing a competitor analysis
  • Setting up and using a mailing list
  • Creating newsletters
  • Managing your social media marketing; through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. (this can also be done by social media virtual assistant)
  • Looking after the marketing efforts through your website
  • Video marketing using sites such as YouTube

These areas barely scratch the surface of what a marketing professional can help you with as a virtual assistant. No matter what your needs are our services can ensure that we provide you with the best qualified VA to get tasks done.

Our Virtual Assistant Marketing Is Qualified to Help You

marketing virtual assistant hireWhen you outsource tasks you will want to ensure that the person that you have asked to complete them is capable of doing them to the standard that you require. Hiring a personal assistant directly can be hit and miss as many will exaggerate their capabilities. We however have been around for more than 5 years and have built up a team of more than 200 highly reliable and skilled experts. Through them we are confident that we can provide you with exactly what you need:

  • Highly qualified with a PhD or Masters degree relevant to the work to be undertaken;
  • Highly experienced in the specific marketing areas in which you need help;
  • Has access to and is able to use all of the tools and software required;
  • Is a quick starter able to work with minimum levels of supervision and instruction;
  • Highly dedicated to ensuring that you get the level of support that you need;
  • An excellent communicator with high fluency level in English.

The Many Benefits of Working with Us

Your marketing virtual assistant can be working with you very quickly when you come to us and without having to pay huge recruitment costs. By using virtual assistants you can ensure that you get the VA that you need with the right skills and can swap and change them as often as you like to change the skill sets that you are benefiting from; something that you just cannot do if you directly employ someone.

Costs are significantly lower to use a VA; you have limited overheads, you don’t have to find them space, buy equipment or even worry about holidays and healthcare costs. All in all using a virtual assistant for your marketing gives you a flexibility that you cannot get any other way and costs that are so much more affordable. Our services provide you unlimited revisions on all work produced and we cover the work of our experts through our full satisfaction money back guarantee.

So if you need a virtual marketing assistant that you can trust to deliver real results at a cost that you can afford just contact our experts here today!