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Virtual Business Assistant

Why Do You Need a Virtual Business Assistant?

virtual assistance businessNo matter how you approach running a business it is always going to be hard work. You will also find that as time goes on you start to do more and more small tasks that are vital to running the business but are not really your personal job. Before you know it you are spending your time doing all of these small tasks rather than actually concentrating on your own role and the business starts to suffer because of it.

Passing the work on to someone else in the business is often impossible as they are equally as snowed under as you are or they lack the skills necessary to do them. But hiring an additional person will often be out of the question due to budgetary constraints. This is where hiring a business virtual assistant can help you.

Our virtual assistance business can provide you with a personal assistant to cover almost any role or task within your company. It is surprising how many things a remote worker can do and how little it can cost to outsource some of the many tasks that are eating away at your available time.

What Can a Virtual Assistant Do for Your Business?

virtual assistance business 2017When most people think of a VA they often only think about someone that can do a little bit of admin work for the company. The reality is that there are actually few jobs that really require someone to actually be there physically. From accounting to transcription you can outsource tasks to someone that is qualified and experienced at the task. The following is a list of just a fraction of the many areas that a business remote worker can provide you support with:

  • General administrative tasks such as typing and transcription of reports;
  • Compiling information and reports;
  • Doing bookings of flights, hotels and meetings;
  • Handling of your diary and appointments;
  • Answering letters and emails;
  • Managing your website including making posts and answering comments;
  • Looking after all of your social media marketing;
  • Market research and competitor analysis;
  • Data analysis and other forms of research for the business;
  • Customer service functions;
  • Following up of all sales inquiries;
  • Creation of newsletters and other copywriting tasks;
  • Professional services such as accounting, human resources, and project management.

We Are Qualified to Help Your Business

virtual assistance business faqThe list above is far from comprehensive and your needs are going to be unique to your business. However with more than 200 experts to call on we are confident that we will be able to provide you with the perfectly qualified and experienced assistant that you will need to get tasks done.

Through us we will ensure that you get a VA that is:

  • Higher degree qualified in an area that is relevant to the work to be undertaken;
  • Highly experienced in the tasks you need performing;
  • Able to use all of the required software and tools to do the job;
  • Able to hit the ground running with a limited amount of supervision;
  • Dedicated completely to satisfying your needs;
  • A very good communicator;
  • Native level English language skills.

The Advantages of Using Our Virtual Assistance Business

Hiring a person to work with you within your company can be a very expensive and lengthy process. Using one of our virtual assistants however is very simple, quick and very inexpensive. There are no costly recruitment and hiring fees, your VA has their own office space and equipment and you will only be paying for the time that they spend working on the task that you require not on coffee breaks etc. You also don’t have to worry about things such as holidays and healthcare costs. Using an online virtual assistant for your business will allow you to flex manning levels up and down as you require without any issues as well as ensuring that you have the correct mix of skills. Besides virtual assistant is very multi functional, there isn’t just business but also, for example, virtual marketing assistant.

Our best virtual assistance services will work with you to ensure that work is completed to your full satisfaction and will make unlimited revisions if you are not happy. We always deliver on time and everything that we do is covered by our satisfaction guarantee or we will refund your money.

So if you want to work with a virtual business assistant that can make a real impact on your company just contact our experts here today!