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Virtual Administrative Assistant

Why Do You Need an Administrative Virtual Assistant?

virtual administrative supportRunning a business is something that will take a huge amount of your time whether as an owner or a manager within the business. However you will often find that your time gets eaten up by a huge number of small but important tasks that must get done but then prevent you from doing your actual job.

Finding someone else to do those tasks however is something that is not always possible. There is often no one else within the company that has free time or the required skills and hiring another is often just too expensive. This is why you may want to consider the use of virtual administrative support.

Having an online virtual assistant to take care of your administrative tasks is probably one of the most common uses of a VA. Our virtual administrative services can provide you with the perfect assistant to get all of those time consuming tasks done quickly and accurately allowing you to concentrate on your actual job.

What Can Virtual Administrative Support Do for You?

virtual administrative support tipsA personal assistant can provide you with help in so many different areas. There are actually few tasks that actually require the person to actually be there physically within your company and even if they were you would probably just email them or call them. Admin covers many different parts of your everyday work and we can help you with them all. The following are just a few areas that you can outsource tasks to our assistants in:

  • Typing of letters and emails;
  • Transcription of reports and meeting minutes;
  • Compiling data and writing reports;
  • Managing your diary or the diaries of your reports;
  • Controlling meeting rooms and equipment use;
  • Looking after online documents;
  • Data entry;
  • Chasing up missing data such as email addresses and phone numbers on contact lists;
  • Creating forms and templates;
  • Replying to letters and emails;
  • Checking voice mails.

We Offer Fully Qualified Administrative VAs

If you want to get tasks done to a high standard and quickly you will want to ensure that the person you outsource the work to is capable of actually doing it. This is where we offer an advantage over going to freelancers directly as we have more than 200 staff that have already proven their abilities and worth allowing us to be able to provide you with a VA that we know can perform. We always want to ensure that you get the best assistant as that will ensure that you will keep coming back to us to use our help.

Through us you will work with a VA that is:

  • Highly experienced with the tasks that you require completing;
  • Qualified with a higher level degree in a relevant field;
  • Able to use all required tools and software to a high standard;
  • A self-starter able to get going with limited instructions and supervision;
  • Dedicated to providing you with accurate and well written work at all times;
  • Able to communicate well and speaks fluent English.

The Benefits of Using Our Admin Assistants Online

virtual administrative support 2016By using virtual administrative support through our professional virtual assistance services you are going to benefit from cost savings and flexibility that you will not be able to achieve through normal employment routes. Using virtual staff there are no recruitment costs, nor will you be paying for time that is not spent directly doing the work that you need doing. You also do not have to invest in any equipment or find space within your office to locate the new member of staff. Besides, virtual assistant’s abilities are not limited only to administrative support, there is virtual business assistant for example.

The flexibility of our service means that you can use our assistants as much or as little as you need and can find additional skills as required when you need them. All tasks are delivered on time and we cover all of the work that we undertake through our money back full satisfaction guarantee.

So if you are looking for a administrative virtual assistant get in touch with us here today for the most affordable and reliable you will find online!