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Virtual Assistant Tasks We Handle

Do You Need to Know What Virtual Assistant Tasks Can Be Done?

virtual assistant tasks onlineRunning any form of business whether a bricks and mortar company or an online empire is not easy. Most owners and managers find that they start to pick up a large number of small tasks that no one else in the company can do or has time to do and before you know it you are spending all of your time doing those rather than your actual job. This effectively stops you from growing or running your business or means that you end up working all hours that are available.

Finding someone else to do the work in your company is not always possible. People may not have the skills or like you they are snowed under with other tasks. Hiring an extra person is often also not possible either due to space and budget constraints or just simply the risks involved with hiring someone who you may not need on a full time basis for a long period.

This is where virtual assistance services such as ours come in so very handy. We can provide a Virtual Assistant (VA) that can handle almost any task within your company. The reality is that there are few tasks that will actually require the physical presence of the person within your company. There many tasks that can be outsourced to virtual assistants literally anywhere in the world as long as they can get online with a good connection. You can outsource small tasks to our VA and these tasks could cover a multitude of different areas within your business.

With more than 200 experts within our company we are confident that we will be able to provide you with someone that can cover all of the following areas and many more:

What Is Suitable as a Virtual Assistant Task?

The following sections cover some of the many areas in which a VA can provide you with expert support to free up your time:

Admin Personal Assistant

virtual assistant tasks helpOne of the most common areas in which a business will hire a VA is that of general administration for the business. There are many different administrative tasks that are ideally suited to a remote worker and they could do all of the following and much more:

  • Typing for reports and letters
  • Transcribing of meetings and conferences
  • Answering all of your emails and letters
  • The booking of hotels, meetings, flights
  • Managing your personal diary or even the whole companies diaries
  • Booking of internal meeting rooms and other facilities
  • Data entry and resolving missing data
  • Updating of records and other documentation
  • Sending invitations for events, greeting cards and others

Management of Your Social Media

Being able to keep in touch with clients and of course potential clients is a vital part of your marketing through social media. It is a very important part of building your brand recognition and engaging with your customers. But it can also be very time consuming. One of our social media virtual assistants can help with:

  • Promotion and creation of Facebook pages
  • Scheduling and making tweets through Twitter
  • Creating Pinnable images for use on Pinterest
  • Creating and managing the use of hashtags across accounts
  • Improving and monitoring the performance of your social media promotion

Website Virtual Assistant Services

All businesses need a website in today’s age as often the search for any service or product is going to start online. But having a website and having an effective website can be two very different things. Our virtual assistants for websites can help you with a wide range of tasks that will help your website grow and become more effective:

  • The creation of SEO optimized and engaging pages for your site
  • Researching keywords and phrases for use on your site
  • Updating and improving current pages to make them more effective
  • Management of a website forum
  • Answering of comments and emails from your site
  • Creating and managing the use of an email list
  • Monitoring and acting on site analytics

Professional Virtual Assistant Services

There are many areas in your business that will require someone with specific skills and experience and even formal certifications. But finding them and hiring them can be difficult especially if you do not have enough work for a full time employee. We however can provide you with a VA that will have appropriate certifications and experience to work within all of the following areas and more:

  • Accounting services and providing you with your management reports
  • Book keeping services and invoicing using services such as Quickbooks
  • Recruitment and other Human Resources services
  • Management of your Payroll
  • Legal support and advice
  • Technical VA Support

There are many technical areas within a business that you may at times require help within. Either on an ongoing basis or as a single one off project of a few days or weeks. No matter what your needs we will be able to provide a VA that can work in all of these areas and more:

  • Graphic design support for your website, brochures and more
  • CAD and other design and analysis support
  • Creating, improving and troubleshooting websites
  • The creating, improvement and installation of Apps, Pluggings and Themes
  • Project management support
  • Creation of videos for training, promotion and YouTube

Sales and Marketing VA

No business can survive and grow without some sort of sales and marketing support. Many businesses however fail to invest enough time into this area. Again there are many tasks that can be undertaken by remote staff many of which are highly experienced and very qualified to provide excellent results:

  • Maintaining your sales databases and spreadsheets
  • Following up on sales enquiries
  • Generation of leads
  • Market research and analysis
  • Doing research on competitors

Customer Service Virtual Assistance

Another vital area of your business is that of customer service. Answering problems or providing support can be a very time consuming task and one that many companies outsource. A Customer service VA can help with:

  • Answering of calls and emails
  • Routing enquiries to the correct person or department
  • Handling complaints and service requests
  • Providing online support
  • Analysis of complaints and service data

We Guarantee Our Performance with Your Virtual Assistant Task

virtual assistant tasksThe above lists and areas are only a fraction of the many areas in which our virtual assistance services can provide you with help. We offer support through staff that speak perfect English and are fully qualified and experienced within the areas in which they will perform virtual assistant tasks for you. All of our VAs work directly with you and will provide you with exactly what you need on time every time. Our services come with a money back full satisfaction guarantee and our experts are very dedicated to ensuring your happiness with all that they do for you.

So if you have any virtual assistant tasks that need completing just contact our experts here today for highly affordable support that you can trust fully!