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Virtual Assistant Email Management

virtual assistant email managementThe emergence of the internet has made life easier for us because not only is it easier for us to find information with a few clicks of our mouse but we also get to send messages to our families and friends through emails. Most people check their inbox first thing in the morning and ending up spending two hours at most answering mails from both personal and work. Now imagine you are operating a small to large scale business where you can receive hundreds of emails per day. You may say that answering each one of them on your own gives your service a more personal touch but imagine the scope of work that you will need to sacrifice, not to mention the work hours you’ll be wasting, just to answer your emails. Although your intentions are good especially when you want to give your service that client-friendly vibe, you are actually wasting your business hours which could have been spent running your business. How can you solve this problem? One of the best solutions for this problem is by hiring a virtual assistant email management service that will handle this part of your business for you. This way, you won’t have to spend hours answering emails so you can devote more time to your family and running your company. The question, however, is which email assistants will you hire for the job?

Our Virtual Assistant Email Management

virtual assistant emailFor those who are wondering which virtual assistant email service to hire, why not choose our team to work on it for you? Our virtual assistants are carefully chosen for their background and skills not to mention knowledge on internet usage and email systems. Letting someone manage your emails is worrisome especially when the mails are business related. You will need to find someone who knows his or her way around email providers and be able to discern which emails are worth reading and which ones should be placed in the trash. Our virtual assistants are known for their loyalty and discretion and because they have been part of the business sector at one point in time, they will have more knowledge on how email systems work.

Our virtual secretary can help you set up a secondary email address which will be accessible by you and your virtual assistant so you can check it on pre-determined times such as in the morning, after lunch, and in the evening. We can use POP mail, IMAP email webmail, exchange server, and web based email just to name a few. What’s more, we can handle calendar scheduling so that you will know if you have a meeting scheduled or when you need to do some traveling pertaining to your work. The good thing about hiring our virtual assistants is that you will have complete control on what kinds of email they can see and without giving them access directly to your email account using your own password. Setting up your delegation can help make email management for you and your virtual assistant easier than before. It’s all about finding appropriate steps on which parts of your email your VA will handle and which ones are off limits.

To ensure that your emails will be sent to the right folders and that you will receive notice immediately, our virtual assistants will need access to your inbox and outbox too. This doesn’t mean that your privacy will be sacrificed at all because you will always have the power to put restrictions on personal emails and confidential letters unless of course, you trust our virtual administrative assistant services implicitly. As professional virtual email assistants, we know how tedious it can be to go through hundreds of emails per day which is why we are offering our service to cut the time that you are spending reading your emails significantly. We can help flag emails that require your immediate attention and even answer those who are asking for assistance from you while removing any emails that are not related to your service.

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Advantages of Hiring Our Email Virtual Assistant

email virtual assistantAnswering business emails on your own is all well and good but if you have other tasks that you need to work on, it is much better to hire an email assistant to handle this part of your business instead. The good news is that there are plenty of virtual assistant services for hire nowadays that it won’t be long before you find the right service to handle your emails. However, if you are pressed for time and you want to get the best value for your money, don’t hesitate to hire us because we can deliver quality email assistance to you. It doesn’t matter whether you want us to set up your email system for you or have us answer emails pertaining to your business including creating a calendar for activities based on the emails sent, you can trust us to get the job done for you.

What other advantages can you gain by hiring our virtual assistant for small business? Here are some that are worth taking note of.

  • Reliable assistance. Once you place an order with us, we’ll help guide you in setting up an email server that we can access without compromising your privacy. We will then follow the instructions that you have provided us with on which emails to answer, which ones to flag, and which ones should be removed from the inbox. We will do all these within the specified times that we have agreed upon to ensure that you won’t miss out on any important letters from clients and partners.

  • Save time. Since our team of virtual assistants will do the job, you can get to save time which you can allocate to other kinds of work like building strategies or marketing your business to others.

  • Save money. We offer cheap rates for our virtual assistance service which means that you won’t be spending more than is necessary. Even when you compare our prices you will find that we have the best rates available and the best part is that we deliver what we have promised.

  • Access to tracking system. We will provide you with access to our tracking system so you can keep an eye on the VA assigned to you to determine if they are working or not.

  • Constant communication. Our virtual assistants will always be on hand so you can communicate with them if you have any concerns with our work. Our support team will make sure that all your queries will be answered promptly.

  • Money back guarantee. Of course, we provide money back guarantee for your protection. If you are not happy with the work that we have provided even after making changes to our team, we will return your money in full without any questions.

As you can see, our virtual assistant service can give you plenty of benefits to enjoy from having someone manage your email accounts, to building your calendar for the day, all the way to answering emails and summarizing the content of emails so you will know which ones are important and which ones are not. We take pride in the fact that we have helped dozens of companies and individuals already when it comes to handling their emails and because of our years of experience, it’s not really surprising to find that many have turned to us to assist them for their email management needs. You too can make use of our expertise by placing an order with us and paying the fee. Once we have received payment, you can focus on other aspects of your business and we’ll take care of your emails for you.

Why worry about the amount of emails that you will need to answer when you can let our virtual assistants take care of it for you? Keep in mind that as a business owner, you will need to allocate work to teams or individuals to ensure that you will get everything done on time. And when it comes to handling emails from clients and even partners, don’t hesitate to hire us because this is what we are good at. You can rely on our loyalty and discretion so that any sensitive email will be kept confidential. Our email managers know how to provide you with the service that you are looking for so don’t hesitate to use our team of email experts to handle this part of your business and we’ll show you why we are the best today.

Hire our virtual assistant email management team and get to save time and money from us!