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Tips on How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Have you realized that you need a virtual assistant, but don’t know the best way to hire a dependable worker you can rely on? Don’t worry, it’s quite an easy process! Read this article to discover how to hire a virtual assistant service and start saving time and money while increasing productivity.

Getting Started

Getting started

The first thing you need to do to hire your virtual assistant is have an initial consultation with us. This can be done with a phone call or email exchange. Whichever way you prefer, we will explain all of the benefits we provide in great detail so you know exactly what to expect. If our services meet your expectation, make a $100 refundable deposit to start the process of hiring your first VA. We want you to be completely comfortable with the process, which is why you are entitled to your money back until you see actual results that meet your expectations. The second part of the consultation involves us learning as much as possible about your business so we can best serve you. What services or products do you provide? What are you struggling with, and what do you do well? What are your goals?

What Do You Need Done?

What do you need to be done?

To help us find a virtual assistant that works best for you, you need to think about what tasks you need completed. What are you doing that is too mundane to require your attention? Do you find yourself often doing tasks that suck the enjoyment out of work? These are the aspects of running your business that you should delegate to someone else. This will allow you to spend more time on the important and enjoyable parts of your business, thus increasing your productivity and job satisfaction. Examples of tasks our virtual assistants often handle include scheduling appointments, responding to emails, and preparing reports, among many others.

Virtual Assistants Are Assigned According to Your Needs

Virtual assistants are assigned according to your needs

Based on the information you provide, we will assign the correct VA for each task you need. That means that if you need someone to handle customer service, we will provide an expert in this area with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. You can trust that the virtual assistant we assign to each task is extremely qualified and is not someone who will have to learn on the job. Doesn’t that sound easier than hiring a virtual assistant yourself?

Track Work Completed

Track work completed

We use Trello, a project management software popular for its ease of use (according to the company, Trello has over five million users.) This software makes it easy to track exactly what work your virtual assistants completed and how long it took them to complete each task. This transparency makes it easy to ensure you are satisfied with the job performance of your VAs. It will also you to see how to maximize the effectiveness of your VAs. For example, you may quickly see that a particular task needs more than just one person assigned to it to complete it to your satisfaction. Another great aspect of the Trello system is that it allows you to hire the correct worker for the exact amount of time that you need. This is a great benefit to those small business owners who have a certain amount of work they would like to delegate each day, but not enough to justify hiring someone to work physically at the company. Hiring a qualified VA is the perfect solution to this problem.

Pay When You’re Satisfied

Pay when you’re satisfied

You are only charged for work completed by your Virtual Assistants when you are completely satisfied with the results. This is part of our effort to ensure you always have a positive experience with our VAs and the services they provide you. If you are ever unsatisfied with the job performance of your VAs, don’t release any payment and contact us immediately so we can resolve the situation.

If you are looking to hire a virtual assistant, make your life easier by letting us do all the hard work while you reap all the benefits!