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Reasons Why You Might Need a Virtual Assistance

ByPM team

Reasons Why You Might Need a Virtual Assistance

virtual assistant serviceVirtual assistance is a special kind of job appeared within service industry in the 21th century, spurred by the constant need of online workers. Nowadays the there are myriads of companies who offer various online services concerning virtual assistance based primarily on outsource working schemes. Nowadays from 5,000-10,000 to 25,000 virtual assistants approximately working worldwide providing various services. For centralized economies it becomes increasingly popular as they use so-called “fly-in”, “fly-out” employment approach. Companies of small and medium size is the largest segment expected to significant growth  with a CAGR of over 37% from 2016 to 2024.

The top spheres where the virtual assistance is widely used:

smart virtual assistant

Spheres of Virtual Workers Qualifications

virtual business assistant

Virtual assistance is a very convenient work organization, especially for small companies and businesses. The most popular virtual assistant services are related to mini-projects and tasks including intellectual work, they involve carrying out researches, performing travel planning organization, one-time jobs as to build or design a website. Supportive services are mostly functioning on that basis as well and include such services as telephone sales or technical support. Oftentimes business processes could be significantly optimized with such help. There’s no clear distinction or restriction in a virtual assistant competencies, you can find a virtual business assistant almost for any legal service.

Virtual Assistance Industry Overview


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Virtual Online Assistant: Good or Bad to Suit Your Business?

Ifhire a virtual assistant you need to hire a virtual assistant first of all you need to know if it suits your business. If you’re an employer considering the necessity of virtual work here are some facts about benefits that virtual assistant can bring to your company. For instance, for the regular employee carrying the same responsibilities you must ensure the workplace: this includes the purchase of equipment, all related payroll issues, sick leaves and vacations. Also, you do not have to spend time and money on training the newly coming employee. As practice shows, the tasks and responsibilities can be performed as well by the remote worker. The functions that a virtual assistant can perform also may vary significantly, depending on the skill of the performer and the task you need to do.

The Intelligent Virtual Assistant: Work Not for Everyone

Working in the virtual assistance industry could be also quite beneficial for the performer. If to believe official statistics hourly median rate of virtual assistant is about $16Another survey based on questionnaires among people who mostly run own virtual assistance business revealed the following statistics:

virtual assistance online

According to Virtual Assistance Working Organization 98.8% of the virtual assistant employees are married women with children. Such jobs allow staying professionally efficient and leave room for the personal time as a working graphic is flexible. For the employee involved into virtual assistance industry it is important that his or her work would be paid immediately, not monthly like for in-stuff workers. If there is a large project then the person will be most likely paid hourly. As a rule, a virtual assistant workplace should be equipped with a phone, a computer with Internet access, and sometimes the fax line. A certain time span for the task implementation is discussed beforehand, the same thing with payment. Wages can be a regular, as if you were an employee, or scheduled after the project implementation.

How to Find a Dedicated Online Helper

virtual online assistantConnecting with clients or keeping the paperwork turnover neatly organized all modern virtual  online assistant services can contribute to the timely up-to-date smooth business processes running. There are companies that provide package deals where you can order multiple services and those who manage to gather the best specialists under one roof. All you need to choose a decent online helper is to make sure you pick the service that provides good work in your specific industry and has guarantees and standards considering provided work.

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