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Our Virtual Assistant Team

Why Do You Need Our Virtual Assistant Team?

virtual assistant service websiteRunning any form of business is hard work whether online or a more traditional bricks and mortar style company. One of the problems that you will face is that your time will start to be eroded by more and more tasks that are important to the business but you just don’t have someone to take care of especially within a small or a startup business. This means that you end up with less and less time to actually put into your own role.

Hiring additional staff is often out of the question either due to money or just simply the fact that you are not going to be able to find someone who has the wide range of skills that you are looking for. Hiring additional staff can also be a huge risk to a business, especially if you are not sure if you can maintain their employment. This is where hiring a virtual assistant through a service such as ours comes in.

Our Remote Team Can Help in Many Areas of Your Business

virtual assistant teamWhen many people think to outsource tasks they think in terms of administration only. The truth however, is that there are so many more tasks that VA services can handle for you. Our services can provide you with almost anything where the employee does not need to actually be present on your premises and that surprisingly covers a huge amount.

The following are a few of the areas in which a virtual employee could help you to save time and money as well as making your business more effective:

  • Virtual administration services such as typing and transcription
  • Managing diaries and booking flights and hotels
  • Answering your emails and telephone messages
  • Translation of documents
  • Data entry and managing spreadsheets and databases
  • Management of all of your different social media accounts
  • Looking after the company website
  • Data mining, market research and competitor analysis

The potential list is endless and the above areas are just a few of the areas in which a member of our remote team can help to free up your valuable time to concentrate on your own job.

Our Teams Are Qualified to Help

virtual assistant serviceHiring a freelancer directly can be very hit and miss as often you will find those that have exaggerated their own abilities and skills. We however have been around for more than 5 years and have amassed a team of more than 200 skilled professionals who have already proven their abilities. By selecting us you will be able to quickly get to work with a professional that is:

  • Higher degree qualified in a relevant field
  • Highly experienced in the tasks that you require
  • Fully experienced with the software and other tools required for the task
  • Fully equipped to do the work
  • Quick starters that are capable of working with limited supervision and guidance
  • Highly dedicated to providing you with the highest levels of satisfaction
  • Native level English language speakers

Our Virtual Assistant Service Offers You Many Benefits

Using a VA through our service offers you a flexibility that you just cannot match through traditional routes as well as significantly reduced costs. Through us you can hire staff for a one off task or for a regular number of hours every day depending on your specific needs; all with the specific skills that you need. You don’t have to worry about recruitment costs or any other overheads such as office space and equipment and things such as holiday or healthcare costs.

Our services offer a full satisfaction money back guarantee as well as guarantees on time delivery of all services. Our virtual teams will work with you directly at all times to ensure that they fully understand your needs and deliver exactly what you are looking for.

So if you are in need of affordable and easy to access remote staff just contact our virtual assistant team here today!