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Virtual Receptionist Services

Do You Need Virtual Receptionist Services?

professional-online-receptionist-services Very few businesses today have any form of reception staff, especially smaller ones that just simply cannot afford the expense. However the work that would fall on their shoulders has to be done by someone and that usually means that someone in your business will be doing the work and not concentrating on their own job. But affording someone to work within your business to do the work is often beyond your available budget.

The easiest answer is to use online receptionist services to undertake the work for you. Our specialized company secretarial services are available 24/7 and we have highly skilled and well qualified staff that are available to provide you with efficient and reliable help in this area.

What Can Online Receptionist Services Do for You?

The role of a receptionist is to handle and direct enquiries into the business. Once upon a time this would have been just phone calls. Today however communications come in from all directions. Our online receptionist can help you by handling:

  • Direct phone calls into your business
  • Reviewing and auctioning voice mails
  • Reviewing message via social media such as tweets and FaceBook messages
  • Comments left on your website and pages
  • Messages sent through email
  • Live chat on your website

Our Virtual Receptionist Staff Are Qualified to Help You

virtual-receptionist-services-onlineWith more than 5 years providing all forms of virtual staff we have built up a team of reliable and well qualified experts to provide our services. Through our pool of staff we are confident that we will always be able to provide you with someone that is highly experienced and perfectly qualified for the role that you need filling. Our staff will be able to action all incoming communications into your business quickly and efficiently ensuring that your customers and partners benefit from the best levels of service. Our receptionist and virtual administrative assistant staff has excellent English communication skills and are able to handle even the most difficult of callers.

Hire Virtual Receptionist from Us with Confidence

Our service is not a one size fits all service that will just assign one person to look after your work even if it is beyond their capabilities. We aim for your full satisfaction with the services that we offer and that means always providing you with the right person for the job; after all we want you to keep on using our services for all of your VA needs. Hiring through us provides you with:

  • Highly affordable and competitive rates
  • No worries about overheads such as equipment, office space and healthcare costs
  • You only pay for the work that you accept
  • All work is delivered on time
  • We offer full confidentiality and will sign a NDA
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with our services or we will offer a refund

To ensure that all of your enquiries and calls are auctioned correctly and efficiently simply contact our specialized virtual receptionist services to get the professional help that you need.