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Virtual Administrative Assistant Services

Do You Need a Virtual Administrative Assistant?

professional-online-administrative-assistant There are very few businesses out there that still hire secretaries or administrative staff of any sort. Most will expect their staff to take on these responsibilities and absorb the work into their normal routine. However this does not always work out well, especially if there are sudden peaks in administrative tasks or they require skills that your staff do not possess. The end result is often that your staff are spending more time doing menial tasks that could be done by someone else rather than doing the work that they are paid to do.

Hiring an additional person within the company is not always possible because of budget constraints. This is why using an online administrative assistant or virtual office assistant services through our website can be so helpful. We are able to provide you with highly experienced staff as and when you need support at a cost that is going to be far less than you would pay to anyone hired in house.

What Can Our Online Administrative Assistant Do for You?

Admin comes in many forms and more often than not it is possible for someone to do it even if they are not present physically in your office. Virtual assistants can help you with almost any task that you have within your office environment such as:

  • Typing of reports and letters
  • Compilation of reports and presentations
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Managing storage of files in the cloud
  • Looking after your social media accounts online
  • Managing your company website
  • Doing the booking of appointments, flights and hotels
  • Managing personal diaries of you and your staff

Our Administrative Staff Are Qualified to Help You

virtual-administrative-assistant-onlineWe always review all tasks and will assign the right VA to provide you with help. You will always get to work with one of our virtual staff that is qualified and highly experienced in doing that task that you need completing and all secretarial services online. They will have an expert understanding of the software that is required to do the task and will be able to provide you with work in the specific format that you require. Our staff are all capable of working with minimal levels of supervision and instruction and have excellent native level communication skills in English. All work is conducted to your satisfaction and should anything need improving our staff always work with you until you are happy with the results.

Benefits of Using Our Administrative Assistants Online

Our VA staff pride themselves on always providing work of the highest quality and accuracy and will always work with you to provide the best results. They are carefully selected to ensure that you always have the best possible working with you on each task. In addition to their skills you also benefit from:

  • Highly affordable flexible services
  • No additional overhead costs
  • No costs for equipment and office space
  • No worries about holiday pay and other expenses
  • On time delivery of your tasks
  • Fully confidential help with NDA as required
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with our help or a full refund

So if you want to save time within your business and let your staff concentrate on their real jobs just contact our virtual administrative assistant here today for affordable and accurate help.