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Virtual Office Services We Provide

Do You Need Virtual Office Services?

virtual-office-services-onlineFew businesses today will employ any secretarial or administrative staff; they all expect staff to take care of their own tasks as they have access to computers and the required software. However often these tasks can often overwhelm staff and they will spend more and more time completing these tasks rather than actually doing their assigned duties. Hiring additional labor is often beyond the available budget and there may also not be a justification for hiring someone on a full time basis.

A virtual office assistant will often be the answer to all of your needs. Hiring virtual staff allows you to provide support at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone directly within your business and without the risks and expense that employment has for your business. With more than 5 years in this area of business we have built up a significant team of experts that allow us to provide you with expert help quickly and effectively. We can provide you with virtual office services in a wide variety of areas within your business such as:

  • Online secretary services

We can provide you with typing support through highly skilled and very experienced typists that are able to provide you with all forms of typing help. They can provide you with quick and accurate copy typing even when faced with difficult handwriting and can transcribe even from poor quality recordings. They can also create letters and reports based on the basic information that you provide. In fact anything that a traditional secretary could provide you with except for the coffee.

All work is provided in the format and software that you provide and will always be completed to the highest of standards within the deadline agreed. Should you have any issues at all with the work our virtual staff will make any required alterations until you are fully satisfied with the results.

  • Virtual receptionist services

Having someone available to answer your calls and provide a professional front for your company can be a big boost to your business. Of course in today’s age there are far more routes through which someone may wish to contact your business. We can provide you with efficient and polite staff with excellent native level English skills that can do everything from answering online chat on your website to actually answering the phone for your business and handling inquiries and redirecting calls.

  • Virtual professional services

Small and medium business often require all of the same services that larger ones do but are often unable to afford all of the dedicated staff that are required. This can include areas such as human resources and accounting. We can provide you with access to real experts that are qualified and experienced within their fields that you can use as and when required. This provides your business with the expert knowledge that you need at a fraction of the cost of employing people directly within your business.

  • Data entry services online

From updating information on your website store through to inputting the results of a customer satisfaction survey we have the staff that you need. We provide experienced staff that can diligently provide all data entry operations quickly and accurately in the specific software packages that you require. We can also provide you with analysis of that data and have it prepared for presentations and reports as required.

  • Website and social media assistance

Keeping your website up to date with interesting information and making regular tweets and posts can be a very time consuming task. We can provide you with experts that are able to do everything from answering comments through to crafting and formatting new content for your site. They can help you to effectively build your brand online while maintaining good communications with your customers and prospective customers.

Our Virtual Services Are Guaranteed

experienced-virtual-office-assistantThe areas that our virtual services can cover are almost limitless and we can ensure that work is completed accurately and well in almost any area of your business. We offer our services through only native level English speakers who are excellent communicators as well as being highly experienced within the areas that they work. Our services all come with a full satisfaction money back guarantee and you are only billed for the work when it has been accepted by you. Work is delivered within your deadline and in the format that you require.

So if you want to benefit from using some of the most effective and reliable virtual office services just contact us here today.