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Virtual Business Assistant Services

Why Do You Need a Virtual Business Assistant?

virtual business assistantIf you are managing or running a business then you will know just how easy it is for your day to get eaten up by doing things that are just not part of what you should be doing. Many find that each day they end up having to do many small tasks that are vital and important and vital in their own way but prevent you from actually doing what you need to do to grow and run your business effectively. But finding someone to pass the task onto is often next to impossible.

Especially in start up or small businesses there is often a lack of staff and skills so it can be very difficult for you to find the right person to delegate to and often the staff that you do have are often working hard also with little spare time. But hiring additional help can very hard to justify and even harder to actually afford.

This is why it may be best to turn to a virtual assistance business such as ours to get the help that you need. We can provide you with the support that you need at a much lower cost and much quicker than you would otherwise find. Our virtual assistants are available to help provide you with the support that you need to free up your own valuable time.

Why Is a Business Virtual Assistant Better for You?

Anyone that has run a business will understand the time and cost involved in finding and hiring additional staff and the headaches that are often associated with maintaining that employment. Using virtual staff however is often far simpler and of course much cheaper. Virtual assistant businesses such as ours can save your business a fortune while allowing you to concentrate on your actual role. The following are just some of the ways that hiring a virtual assistant can be cheaper and better for your company:

  • Significantly reduced hiring and recruitment costs
  • Rapid hiring (and firing)
  • Limited red tape and other paperwork when using a VA
  • No need to provide equipment and office space as they work from their own office environment
  • No issues with holidays, maternity leave, healthcare and others
  • You only pay for the task or the time actually spent working; not breaks and other interruptions
  • Significantly reduced overhead costs

What Can a Business Virtual Assistant Do?

virtual assistant businessesThis is often where most businesses come in for a surprise. When you consider most of the functions of a traditional business many of them can be done remotely, even when they are in house you will often only telephone or email them. A Virtual Online Assistant (VA) therefore can therefore cover almost any task that is required within your business such as all of these:

  • Administrative tasks such as typing and transcription
  • Assistance with booking of meetings, flights, hotels, maintaining diaries
  • Accountancy, payroll, human resources and other professional services
  • Answering emails and following up on actions
  • Writing and collating information for reports
  • Managing your website; creating content, updating information and answering comments
  • Looking after all of your social media accounts and monitoring effectiveness
  • Follow up on all sales and other enquiries
  • Project management of side tasks
  • Market research and competitor analysis

These are just some of the many tasks that our virtual business assistant services are asked to supply on a regular basis. Whatever your need just contact us through our site and we will provide you with a true expert to work with you at the right price.

Our Business Virtual Assistant Is Qualified to Help

Many businesses will try to hire a VA directly from one of the many freelancer sites that are available online. Often they will be disappointed and will hire several before they actually find one that can actually provide the support that they are looking for. Our business however has already done all of the required hard work and found all of the best performing VAs to work with you. We have a pool of more than 200 experts that are available to provide support. Our team can provide you with:

  • Higher degree qualified staff that hold relevant PhD or Masters degrees
  • Staff that have experience from administration through to senior executive levels
  • Highly experienced within the roles and also the industries within which they provide support
  • Able to use a wide range of professional software packages and other tools
  • Fully certified in specialist services provided
  • Able to start quickly with a minimum of instruction and supervision
  • Fully dedicated to providing you with the highest levels of satisfaction
  • Excellent communicators with fluent English language skills

How Do We Work with You?

virtual assistance businessAll of our staff will communicate with you directly rather than working through us ensuring that there is a high level of understanding at all times. They will provide you with what you are looking for according to the deadlines that you set and agree through our service. All work can be assessed by yourself and should you feel that improvements or changes are required our staff will work with you until you are fully satisfied with the results.

All work is provided accurately and according to your instructions and our staff always operate in a fully confidential manner.

Order Virtual Business Assistant Services with Confidence

We know that you need support that you can rely on to provide accurate and timely help with a minimum of supervision on your part and that is what we always aim to provide. We always aim for your full satisfaction in everything that we provide so that you will keep on coming back to us to use our services. With a full satisfaction money back guarantee and on time delivery of our services we are confident that we can provide you the help that you need to maintain and grow your business.

So if you need the best virtual business assistant for your needs just contact our experts here today!