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Our Virtual Online Assistant Services

Why Do You Need a Virtual Online Assistant?

Running a business is a difficult task and often you will find that you end up spending your time dealing with many different small tasks that really you should be passing on to someone else. These tasks often eat up a considerable amount of your working week and you often find that your real work suffers considerably because of it.

But finding someone to pass those tasks onto is not easy, hiring someone to work within your office can take weeks and cost a fortune. You may also need someone with a wide range of skills that you are unlikely to find in one individual. This is why many businesses today will turn to using online virtual assistants, such as virtual research assistant.

You can find online virtual assistance quickly and easily through a service such as ours allowing you to delegate those time consuming tasks to someone better able to handle them. This allows you to concentrate your time on actually building and running your business effectively.

Why Use Online Virtual Assistant Services?

virtual online assistantWhether you have a one off project that you need extra help with or an ongoing issue that you need someone to deal with for you, a remote worker is often the answer that you are looking for. Most businesses find that they just cannot take on staff to work directly within their business due to costs, space restrictions and of course the fact that they may not actually need a full time worker or be able to guarantee ongoing work. This is where being able to access an outsource virtual assistant or remote worker is so important. A VA has many advantages over a traditional employee:

  • Limited costs for recruiting and hiring
  • Quick to find and hire
  • Limited training needs and costs
  • Easy to terminate at the end of the contract or if disappointed
  • No office space or additional equipment required
  • No need for additional software licenses or support
  • No holiday or healthcare costs to incur
  • You only pay for the task done or hours spent working

What Can Our Online Virtual Assistants Do for You?

online virtual assistantsFar too many businesses think that VAs are only available to do basic administrative tasks and forget that there are in fact many areas of their business in which they could receive remote assistance. Even when you have employees working directly for you the only interaction you often have is through the telephone or by email. Our services can provide you with expert support in many different areas and the following are just a few of those areas:

  • Handle bookings, appointments and diaries
  • Do basic administration tasks such as typing and data entry
  • Transcription and translation work
  • Manage your social media accounts online
  • Provide content for your website and answer comments
  • Follow up on sales and other enquiries
  • Update and maintain databases and spreadsheets
  • Answering of emails
  • Market research
  • Data analysis and mining
  • Services such as accounting and payroll

This is just a sample of what can be provided, if you don’t see what you need just contact us and we are confident that we will have a perfectly qualified member of our staff that can help you.

Our Virtual Assistants Are Qualified to Help You

Asking just anyone to keep your spreadsheets up to date will likely end in disaster and you will end up spending a huge amount of your time instructing and monitoring what they are doing. We are a professional VA company and are here to ensure that you are provided with an assistant that is qualified and experienced within the area in which you need support and can jump straight in with the minimum of instruction and supervision allowing you to get on with your own important work. Through us you will be provide with staff that are:

  • Available as admin assistants through to senior executive level
  • PhD and Masters degree holders within relevant subject areas
  • Experienced within both the role and the industry in which you are working within
  • Certified professionally where required (such as accountancy support)
  • Fully experienced in the software packages that are required
  • Have access to all of the required software and equipment to do the job properly
  • Very dedicated to ensuring your full satisfaction
  • Able to get straight to work with a minimum level of supervision
  • Highly fluent English speakers with good communication skills

Our Experts Work Directly with You for the Best Results

Unlike some VA services online we provide you with direct access to the experts that will be working for you. This allows them to fully understand your needs and for you to be able to monitor what they provide for you at your leisure. All work will be provided for you within agreed deadlines whether as individual projects or daily requirements. Should you ever be unhappy with what has been provided our experts will work with you to make alterations until you are fully satisfied with the results.

We Guarantee the Help that We Provide

online virtual assistanceOur aim is to always fully satisfy your every need by providing you access to some of the best virtual assistants that you will find online for you business. We fully monitor their performance and of course your levels of satisfaction with the services provided at all times. We want you to be confident in our ability to provide you with the right VA whenever that you have a need. Our prices are highly competitive and easy to use and we always provide discounts for repeat or large scale business requirements.

So if you are looking for a reliable virtual online assistant that you can trust to deliver the highest levels of service just contact our experts here today!