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Our Virtual Assistant for Small Business

Why Do You Need a Virtual Assistant for Small Business?

Running a small business is a real challenge for anyone no matter what industry you are in. Small businesses have many challenges and one of them is the fact that many members of your staff including yourself need to master many different roles in the business and do work that may not be traditionally seen as your work. However this can often develop to the point where you are doing lots of different tasks to keep your business working but completely neglecting your actual role.

virtual management assistantBut finding someone to take on those extra tasks can be very difficult as you may not be able to either afford or even find the right person. This is why you may want to seek out a virtual assistant for hire for your small business.

Virtual assistants come in many different forms and can provide support to you and your business often at a fraction of the cost that a formal employee would run to. Our professional services provide you with an easy way to improve and grow your small business with a minimum of effort and expense on your part.

Why Is a Virtual Assistant Small Business Better for You?

Hiring virtual staff can be something new to many business owners who are used to more traditional company organizations. However those companies that embrace the use of remote workers often gain many advantages with regards to the skills and expertise that they can access. In addition they will also significantly benefit from all of the following:

  • No recruiting and hiring costs
  • Positions filled very quickly with skilled staff
  • Easy to let staff go as required
  • No office space of equipment required in your facility
  • No need to provide for holidays, healthcare and other costs
  • You only pay for the time spent on the task
  • Significantly reduced costs as no overheads to cover

The other thing to consider is that as your business grows and develops the skills that you require are likely to change and by using a virtual staff member you are able to easily change the person for someone that has the new skill set that you require. If this was an employee of your business you could very easily find it impossible or very expensive to let them go.

What Can a VA Do for You?

virtual assistant for small businessMost people think of virtual administrative assistants when they talk about a VA; however you can actually find remote workers that can cover almost any aspect of your business that does not actually require a physical presence within your company. It can be quite surprising what can be covered and you are not limited to hiring just one. You could always use a few hours of time from VAs with different skill sets. The following are just some of the areas that you could use a virtual worker:

  • Administrative assistants providing typing, transcription and data entry
  • Managing of diaries, bookings and appointments
  • Answering emails
  • Payroll, HR, accounting and invoicing services
  • Management of your different social media accounts
  • Management of your website (this can be done by a virtual assistant for website)
  • Following up on enquiries
  • Doing research and data analysis
  • Project management

This is only a snapshot of what a VA could do for you. Anything that is eating into your time potentially could be done by another and all you have to do is contact us to get that time back.

Our Virtual Management Assistant Is Qualified to Help

There are many services out there online that will claim to provide you with a VA but many will just go and search the different freelancer sites to provide you with unproven and often inexperienced staff. We however have been around for more than 5 years and we have built up over 200 experts that have proven themselves within the areas in which they work. When you select us you will always get to work with staff that have:

  • Many years of experience providing the services that you are looking for
  • Highly qualified with relevant postgraduate degrees
  • Available with experience from admin through to senior management
  • Certified by recognized bodies to provide professional services
  • Able to use effectively the different software and other tools required to do the work
  • Able to get straight to work with a minimum amount of instruction
  • Highly dedicated to ensuring you get exactly the help that you need
  • Able to communicate well and speaks fluent native level English

How Our Staff Work with You

We provide you with direct communication with all of our VA staff unlike many other services. This ensures that they can get a full understanding of precisely what it is that you require and when you need it. All work will be completed within your agreed deadlines whether that is the deadline for a set project or individual daily targets. All work will be completed to a standard that fully meets your expectations. Should you feel that any changes are required then our staff will continue to work with you until you are fully satisfied with the results.

We Guarantee the Help That We Provide

virtual assistant small businessAll work that we do is done according to your instructions and needs by staff that are qualified and experienced enough to provide it. Our aim is to ensure that you always receive the precise levels of help that you are looking for and that you are always fully satisfied with what our services provide you. After all we want you to continue using our service for all of your remote working needs.

Our services offers the best qualified and most experienced virtual assistants that can work with you on a wide range of tasks. All work that we provide is done so with full confidentiality and we always deliver work of a high standard on time.

So if you are looking for a virtual assistant for small business support just contact our services here today to work with the very best!