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Legal Virtual Assistant Services

Why Do You Need a Legal Virtual Assistant?

Running a legal practice can often be no different to any other business and you may find that as time goes on you start taking on more and more small tasks within the business that will eat away at your time. Soon it gets to the point that you are spending the majority of your time on these minor but important tasks rather than actually doing your real job and generating income for the business.

But finding someone that you can trust to do all of these small tasks is not always simple and you will not always be able to justify an additional employee to take on the work. Especially if these tasks cover multiple disciplines.

virtual private assistantThis is where using a virtual private assistant can come in. Using remote workers can be a highly effective way to get things done at a minimum cost with little or no risk to your business. Hiring people is an expensive option and one that can go very wrong if you don’t find the right person or have enough work to maintain their employment.

Benefits of Using Your Virtual Assistant

Using remote workers is not a fad, it has real benefits for your business and can result in some significant improvements for your company. How much additional revenue could you generate if your time was freed up from all of those annoying but necessary tasks? Hiring virtual assistants is easy through our professional va services and can provide you with many savings and benefits such as these:

  • No recruitment and hiring costs
  • Can quickly get the help that you need
  • No risks with flexing your staffing levels as required
  • No need to provide any equipment or dedicated office space
  • Limited training requirements if any
  • No need to worry about additional costs such as healthcare and holiday pay
  • You only pay for productive time spent doing the task

What Can Your Virtual Legal Assistant Do?

A remote worker can be so much more than just a virtual legal secretary writing a few letters, although your admin is often one of the first and easiest areas that you should outsource. Almost any task that you can think of within your practice can be outsourced to a legal or an outsource virtual assistant. The following are just a small example of what you could have done by a VA:

  • Administrative tasks such as typing letters and transcribing your notes
  • Invoicing clients and paying any bills due
  • Look after your diary and appointments
  • Booking travel and meetings
  • Manage your financial accounts
  • Answering calls and emails
  • Manage your social media accounts
  • Look after your company website and make regular posts

virtual legal secretaryRemember that this is just a snapshot of some of what they could do for you. Look at what is eating away at your time and we are confident that we will have an expert that will be able to remove that burden for you.

Our Virtual Staff Are Qualified to Help

The level of support that you gain through our services is superior to what you can expect from many others as we take great care to ensure that you will always work with the best possible qualified and most experienced experts. We have been in business for more than 5 years and during that time have built up a pool of in excess of 200 experts that can be called upon to provide support. Our staff are well proven and able to work to the highest of standards.

When you ask for help through our services we will ensure that we match you with someone that is:

  • Highly educated with a relevant PhD or Masters degree
  • Highly experienced in providing their services in a legal setting
  • Certified professionally where required
  • Able to use all software and tools that you require
  • Highly professional and dedicated to doing their work
  • Able to start quickly with a minimum level of supervision and instruction
  • Speak excellent English and communicate well

How We Work with You

Our virtual private assistant is going to work with you directly thus ensuring that they fully understand exactly what it is that you require. We can provide you with support for individual distinct tasks with a fixed deadline or we can provide you with ongoing support on a day to day basis according to your needs. Our staff will always ensure that they meet your deadlines and provide you with the quality of work that you expect.

All work provided can be reviewed and you can request any changes that you feel may be required until you are fully satisfied with the results. Our staff will always ensure your full satisfaction with the work that they provide.

Guaranteed Support from Your Legal Remote Workers

legal virtual assistantOur aim is to build up long term business with you and to provide you with the very best virtual assistants for your business so that you can free up your time to actually generate income. Only by us providing you the very best support can we ensure that we build the relationship that we are looking for. We want you to consider us as your first and only port of call for all of your VA needs.

Our services will always deliver high quality results in a timely fashion and our experts will always ensure that your instructions and needs are fulfilled perfectly. Our services come with a full satisfaction money back guarantee and are always performed in a strictly confidential manner at all times by professional staff.

So if you want to make use of a highly effective and hard working legal virtual assistant just contact our highly specialized and affordable services here today!