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How a Virtual Scheduling Assistant Can Save Your Company Time and Money

virtual scheduling assistantDo you have a hard time managing your personal schedule? Are you one of those people who is always running late to appointments, or forgetting them entirely? If this describes you, it is likely you are not the best person to manage your business’s schedule. When you are late meeting a friend for coffee or fail to adequately plan out a trip, it is annoying but not a big deal. However, when you make similar mistakes when scheduling things for your business the results can be disastrous, and potentially cost the company thousands of dollars. Luckily, there is an easy solution: hire a virtual scheduling assistant.

Find out what are the benefits of hiring a virtual technical assistant!

Functions of a Virtual Scheduling Assistant

  • virtual executive assistantsManage invitations from others. Any invitation you or your employees receive could be forwarded to your virtual executive assistants who could add it to the online scheduling service the whole company could view and collaborate on. This would reduce the amount of careless errors your employees commit, as they would view the task of adding appointments to a schedule as an annoyance and something to accomplish as quick as possible so they could get back to their real work. Conversely, for your virtual assistant, it is one of their core functions, and one they approach with the utmost professionalism.
  • Schedule appointments. Instead of trying to chase down people you need to schedule an appointment or meeting with, let your virtual management assistant do it for you. Once this person confirms the date and time, he or she can add it to the schedule, and even send you a reminder when the appointment is close.
  • Plan events. Planning events takes a certain skillset. Logistics need to be coordinated, supplies ordered, and venues booked, among other tasks. If you want to impress whoever you are having the event for, its best to rely on a professional.
  • Plan Trips. If the logistics of planning your own vacations makes you break out into a cold sweat, leave planning business trips for you and your employees to your virtual assistant. This person can book flights, hotels, rental cars and anything else you may need for a successful business trip.
  • Set hours of part time employees. If you have a lot of hourly employees setting the schedule every week can be a huge headache. However with your virtual assistant administering a employee scheduling program this headache is turned to tranquility when your employees show up for work with no effort expended by you. A good example of such a program is When I Work, which in addition to setting hours also serves as a communications platform. Your VA can also use this service to know if a staff member didn’t show up for a shift or left early, and text and email to other available employees, asking who would like the shift. After someone volunteers, the schedule is automatically updated. When I Work also tracks staff information like attendance, overtime, tardiness, the employee coming in the next shift and details of what the staffing situation is over the next several hours. Instead of trying to interpret and utilize this information, you could have your freelancer send you a report every week on the staffing situation. They could tell you things like a certain employee has had a recent stretch of tardiness and might need to be spoken to, or that another employee is constantly picking up extra shift and maybe should be considered for a promotion.

The Benefits of a Virtual Scheduling Assistant

virtual management assistantSo, hiring a virtual assistant can help you to handle any scheduling needs your business may have. There are many online scheduling tools that would make it easy for one person to manage the schedules of every employee at your company. These tools fall into two broad categories: tools that help manage the schedules of hourly employees, and others that keep track of appointments and meetings. Your virtual assistant can help you decide which programs are the best fit for your company. With this person taking care of all the scheduling tasks, you and your employees can focus on the important tasks that are needed to grow your business.

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