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How a Virtual Marketing Assistant Can Increase the Exposure of Your Business

virtual marketing assistantMarketing is a crucial component of any business. Without a well developed strategy, you are sure to lose customers to competitors with a more sophisticated operation. To compete, you could spend precious hours reading books or taking classes on the latest marketing techniques. If you have a natural inclination for marketing and enjoy learning about it, this could be a good option for you because you know your business better than anyone. Thus, with the right marketing training, it’s likely you could run a better campaign than an outside expert.

Find out how virtual office support can be useful for your business!

Benefits of Having a Virtual Marketing Assistant

internet marketing virtual assistantThe internet marketing virtual assistant we refer to you will first conduct the appropriate amount of research to identify your target market and the characteristics of your ideal customer. All you need to do is explain to your VA what sort of customer is likely to be interested in your products or services and let them do the rest. They will then use this information to help find these ideal customers while expending the least amount of money, thus stretching your marketing budget as much as possible. As with most things, the more information you have, the better choices you will make. Your VA will also research your competition, which is necessary to find their weaknesses and exploit them as much as possible.

After researching, your freelancer will construct a campaign based on these effective marketing strategies, among others, based on what is best for your specific situation:

  • Email Marketing. One of the most common marketing strategies because it is extremely cost effective– according to, every dollar spent on email marketing in 2014 generated a return of $44.25– and preferred by consumers, as thirty-three percent said email was the best way to receive marketing messages.
  • Google Adwords and Display Network. Using Adwords will get your ad seen by the most amount of people because Google is by far the biggest search engine. Adwords will allow your VA to create text, picture and video ads that target customers who are searching for specific keywords. The Display Network will allow your VA to use demographic and behavioral tools to place ads on specific websites popular with your target audience.
  • Bing Ads. Bing’s version of Google’s service which is cheaper, but also reaches less people. It may be the better choice for you if you have a limited budget; your freelancer will be able to guide you through such decisions.
  • Social Media Platforms. In our modern age, social media marketing is essential to reach the largest possible audience. Your freelancer will know the intricacies and subtleties associated with all of them and how to use them to their maximum possible benefit. For example, investing as little as forty dollars in sponsored posts on Facebook and LinkedIn can put your ad in front of thousands of people each month. Both sites have tools that will allow your VA to target specific audiences and place ads on the feeds of people who are perfect potential customers.
  •  DudaMobile. A great investment for any business. For just a few dollars a month, your VA can use this service to quickly set up a mobile version of your website. This small investment will pay huge dividends considering how many people use their mobile device to search for products, businesses or services. The higher quality experience these potential customers have on the mobile version of your site, the more likely they are to be actual customers.

For Non Marketing Gurus, the Solution Is a Virtual Marketing Assistant

marketing virtual assistant servicesIf you lack a natural inclination for marketing or find it unbearably boring, it’s best to hire a virtual marketing assistant. That way you will not have to worry about the best marketing strategies for Facebook vs. LinkedIn vs. Twitter, which differ significantly, or if it is only worth using one of these platforms based on your target market. You will also not have to grapple with whether it is worth bothering with traditional platforms like radio or TV. By using our marketing virtual assistant services you are guaranteed to have a professional virtual secretarial services making sure your business reaches the most amount of people as possible.

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