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The Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant for Your Website

virtual assistant for websiteDoes your website look like a five year old designed it? Here the cliche, “You don’t get a second chance to make first impression” is a useful thing to consider. Nothing turns off potential customers faster than an unprofessional looking website. These people would reasonably think that if you are incapable of producing a professional website, you are also incapable of delivering professional quality products or services. Conversely, a website that is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and informative will keep customers on your site for longer and increase the chances of them patronizing your business.

The necessity of a professional website is easy to understand. How to go about producing it may be harder thing to figure out. Do you spend hours reading books or taking classes in web development? If you are a tech inclined person this may be a good option, but many people would probably still not be able to produce a quality website even after many hours of study. A better option would be a web page hosting service, like WordPress, which makes it simple for even the most tech averse person to set up a webpage. Yet even with services such as this, there are still many important decisions to be made.

virtual technical assistantFor example, the main way to personalize your WordPress site with certain features and functions is with plugins. Tech averse people may have a hard time choosing the plugins that make the most sense for what they want the site to accomplish. They might technically be able to set up a functional WordPress site, but one that is hard to use and understand. Additionally, the more plugins you use, the slower you site will load. It is therefore possible for an amaetuer to load their site so full of plug ins that it runs to so slow as to be unnavigable.

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Things the Virtual Assistant for Your Website Can Do

  • Diagnose Website Problems. When your website is having technical problems it is important to resolve them as quick as possible so as to minimize the time customers are unable to access your site. It would be much easier to have your own virtual technical assistant on call to handle any issues as soon as they appear rather than having to hire someone on a case by case basis.
  • Write a Blog. If you require the services of an expert blogger, we have right the virtual assistant for your website. A blog is a great idea for any company, but only if it is well written. A poor quality blog will do a lot more harm than good, as customers will not take your company, products or services seriously. Conversely, a well written blog that is constantly being updated with new articles and information will keep customers coming back to your site. Remember, a blog is a free form of marketing to promote your products or services. Make sure to maximize this platform to its fullest potential.
  • Update Website. This may be the easiest task you delegate to your virtual assistant, but one that is still extremely important. Websites need constant updating to stay relevant, as potential customers are going to regard out of date information as a sign that you lack credibility, and thus form a poor opinion of your company.
  • Video Editing. Videos are a great way to add new content to your website, either on their own or to support a blog post. Again though, it is essential that the videos are high enough quality for them to have the impact you are looking for. Considering the technical skills and equipment needed to properly edit a video are substantial, this is one task nearly everyone should delegate to their freelancer.

Who Needs a Virtual Assistant for Their Website?

virtual website assistantObviously, this is an extreme example. The point is that for some people, it may be worth making a small investment in a virtual website assistant to ensure a professional level of quality and save huge amounts of time and frustration. The time that these people save not worrying about their website will allow them to focus on the aspects of their business that they excel at, thus increasing their productivity. You can also consider hiring a professional virtual assistant if the amount of tasks needed to be done is still too much.

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