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How Virtual Assistant Customer Service Can Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction

virtual assistant customer serviceThere are many important components to running a successful business– a quality marketing campaign, efficient operations, productive employees, among many others. Unfortunately for businesses and customers, an often overlooked one is customer service. Think of how many times you have had an unpleasant customer service experience with your phone or internet company, or heard angry friends rant how the technician was supposed to be there between 12 and 4 and then did not show up at all. Poor customer service is a terrible mistake for any company to make, as it will likely undo all the investment it took to acquire the customer in the first place.

The simple solution would seem to be simply provide better customer service, but that task is obviously harder than it seems, or else there would not be as many customer service horror stories out there. The truth is that providing excellent customer service is a skill that not everyone can excel at. This means that if you spread out the customer service duties among several different employees, it is likely at least one of them does not provide exceptional service. It therefore makes more sense to have one expert take care of all your customer service needs. Although this is logical, it is likely inefficient to hire a full time employee for this purpose. The customer service needs of most small and medium size businesses do not fill up a 40 hour work week.

Looking for reliable small business virtual assistant? You have come to the right place!

Virtual Assistant Customer Service to the Rescue

virtual assistant phoneLuckily there is a simple solution: virtual assistant customer service. Such a person would be a huge benefit for your company because you would only pay them for the work you need done, a much more efficient use of resources than hiring a full time employee. Not only are you hiring a highly efficient worker, you are adding a professional to your team who you can rely on to always provide the highest level of customer service. Common tasks your virtual reception can accomplish include:

  • Interacting with customers. This is perhaps the most obvious duty of your virtual assistant, and the most important, as responsive and pleasant customer service will keep your customers happy. Sometimes this means dealing with unsatisfied customers, or assisting customers who are thinking about making a purchase in real time. While helping customers, your VA will also be in a perfect position to tactfully upsell or cross sell. Considering all the platforms available to your virtual assistant– phone, email, live chat, and social media– it is easier than ever to connect with customers and ensure their experience is a pleasant one.  However, your VA needs more than just technology to do an exceptional job; they also need exceptional skills. It takes a serious amount of tact and patience to mollify a disgruntled customer. What sets our virtual assistants apart from the competition is that not only can they satisfy angry customers, they will ensure that customers never become angry in the first place. The principles inherent in this goal are quite simple. It is the execution that is difficult, as many people are poor communicators. For example, your virtual assistant will always set clear expectations for your clients concerning things like turn around times, communication methods and payments. This will prevent many misunderstandings which often turn into big problems.
  • Exceeding expectations. Your freelancer will be an expert in exceeding customer expectations. The main way he or she will accomplish this is by studying your customers’ needs to such an extent that they will begin to anticipate them. This will allow your VA to resolve problems before the customer was even aware they existed.
  • Solicit Feedback. Asking customers for feedback on your company’s performance makes them feel appreciated, and that their voice is being heard, important parts of keeping customers happy. Your VA can be in charge of this and report important customer thoughts to you.
  • Sending Cards or Gifts. Sending a card or gift to a client– for the holidays, birthday, or just to say thank you for being your customer– will send a powerful message that the customer is appreciated. Gestures like this are important in making sure customers keep patronizing your business, along with telling their family and friends to do so as well.

Best Virtual Assistant Customer Service to Make Your Business Successful

virtual receptionWant to find a virtual assistant who is reliable and trustworthy? Look no further! Our service can provide you with the best people to assist you with your customers and take a great load off your shoulders. We work with employees who are true experts in their field of work, so you can be sure you’ll have someone to rely on in the time of need.

Virtual assistant customer service is sure to benefit your business. Give us a call today to get started!