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The Ways Virtual Administrative Services Can Benefit Your Business

virtual administrative servicesAre you a small business owner trying to take care of all the various administrative demands of your business by yourself? This is most likely a recipe for disaster, as eventually you will experience burnout. The stress, unhappiness and exhaustion associated with burnout is sure to negatively impact your job performance. Imagine this nightmare scenario: several nights of sleeping in your office has reduced you to a zombie state and you forget to pay an important supplier, who now wants more money for the same service as insurance against future late payments. Trying to do everything yourself will inevitably lead to subpar work such as this, which will cost the company money. This burnout will also negatively impact your quality of life in general. It is surely not worth running a business if it means the business is the only thing in your life.

Virtual Administrative Services Are the Solution

administrative virtual assistantLuckily this problem has an easy fix: virtual administrative services. Hiring virtual admin support is not an admission of weakness because you cannot do it all yourself. On the contrary, it is a sign of strength to recognize when you need help, and make the decision that is healthiest for the business and yourself. An administrative virtual assistant would benefit your company in many ways. Since you would only pay this person for the work they complete, it is a very efficient use of resources. This is especially true compared to hiring another employee, who you would have to provide benefits like sick and vacation time, among others. You will also inevitably end up paying them for time when there was no work to complete.

Another benefit is that the freelancer we provide you will be an extremely competent and professional worker who is already an expert on providing administration support. This means no training will be needed from you. Finally, to make you feel completely secure using our services, we are happy to sign a nondisclosure agreement, as you will likely need to share confidential information if you hire virtual assistant.

Common Tasks Virtual Administrative Services Can Accomplish

Some tasks that you could easily delegate to your virtual admin support include:

  • Payroll. There are many different programs that simplify payroll operations for small businesses, and the professional administrative assistant that we refer to you can help you decide which works best for your business.
  • Timesheets. Whether your company still uses old school punch cards or have moved on to a computerized system, someone still has to do the work of assembling, interpreting, and utilizing the information. No matter what system your company uses, this is a relatively straightforward task, and thus one easy to delegate.
  • Business Licenses. Do you know all of the business licenses you need to legally operate, and when they need to be renewed? This is an essential information for any business, but a huge pain to keep track of. Outsource this frustration to one of our specialists and spend the extra time created growing your business.
  • Administering Compensation. Unsure what constitutes a competitive wage or salary for the various positions at your company? This is often a hard decision, as it needs to be high enough to attract the best talent, but still affordable for your budget. Your administrative assistant can help you figure out what is feasible.
  • Employee Reimbursements. Reimbursing employees for things like travel or buying supplies for the company is another essential task that is incredibly annoying. Let your virtual assistant scrutinize the receipts to make sure everything is in order.
  • Human Resources Tasks. The most important human resources task your freelancer can do is search for new employees, as this can be incredibly time consuming. To find the most talented person for your business, the job first needs to be posted on several different websites. Then hundreds of applications must be sifted through before the pool of applicants is whittled down to a those people to be interviewed. With a virtual assistant helping out, all you will have to do is conduct the interviews. Your assistant can also maintain your company’s HR policies regarding to workplace conduct and other employment policies.

Interested in hiring virtual executive assistants? Check out what we’ve got for you!

Best Virtual Administrative Services

virtual admin supportLooking for a reliable VA service? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our stuff is experienced and knows all the pitfalls of administrative work. We can help you to improve you business and take a great load of responsibilities off your shoulders. No matter what tasks you need to solve – you can count on us!

Virtual administrative services are the solution for your business! Don’t hesitate to contact us today!