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Our Virtual Secretary Services Will Save You Money and Increase Productivity

virtual secretary servicesSmall business and startups must be extremely efficient operations, with the minimal amount of waste. Considering eight out of ten new businesses fail within the first eighteen months, a bloated operation is probably not going to last very long. There is simply too much competition for such a business to survive. So entrepreneurs and small business owners should constantly have their eye out to trim inefficiencies, and invest this money back in the business or add to the company’s reserves, which should be equal to at least three months of operating expenses in stable markets and six months in volatile markets.

A common inefficiency that many of these businesses have eliminated are secretaries. This makes sense, as a good portion of the secretary’s day is spent sitting and waiting for work to happen– answer the phone, reply to an email, etc. This is inherently inefficient. So instead of having secretaries, some business spread out the traditional duties of a secretary over many different employees. Unfortunately, this is not a great solution, as their side secretarial duties distract them from their main tasks, a huge drain on productivity and a waste of money.

Virtual Secretary Services Are the Solution

virtual secretariesThis problem can be solved by virtual secretary services. The benefits of virtual office support are twofold. They are an efficient use of money because you only pay them for the work they do– nothing more! For example, if employees spend an accumulated three hours of work time each day responding to emails not relevant to their core functions, you could outsource this work to a virtual secretary. You would pay this person for three hours of work and free up a huge amount of time for your employees. This extra time leads to the second benefit: using virtual PA servicesmore productivity.

Functions of Virtual Secretary Services

  • Responding to Emails. This is of course not just the hypothetical situation posed above but a real world drain on just about every company today. Some emailing that your employees do are crucial to their main functions and cannot be outsourced, but many can. Even if the average employee saves just ten minutes a day, that adds up to 200 minutes a month.
  • Social Obligations. Your freelancer could send holiday cards out to clients, wishing them holiday cheer and maybe offering a promotion for your product or service, or thank you notes to your best customers. You could also have them take care of your personal holiday cards or thank you notes. Remember, your freelancer is there to make you as productive as possible, and spending time on such personal social obligations takes away from what you should be focusing on.
  • Bookkeeping. There are many different bookkeeping programs out there designed specifically for small businesses that make bookkeeping a breeze– so easy, in fact, that this task is one of the easiest things for your virtual secretary to do. The hard part will probably be entrusting someone else with your financial information, which is why we are happy to sign a nondisclosure agreement. We understand your business is your life, and thus want you to be one hundred percent comfortable with our services.
  • Scheduling. Your virtual assistant can take care of the scheduling needs of your business. There are many online scheduling tools that make this task very easy. If you have hourly employees, there are programs that will make it easy for your VA to set everyone’s schedule, and keep track of things like overtime, absences and tardiness. It also makes it easy for your freelancer to send email and text alerts asking who can take a shift of someone who cannot work. Other programs manage appointments and meetings that your employees have. Your VA can help you figure out which of these programs work best for your company. With this person handling all of the scheduling duties, you and your employees will have more time to devote to the really critical duties that are needed to grow the business.
  • Answering Phones. We can even answer your phones for you. It is quite easy to setup a remote service, and your customers will never know the difference!

You can also learn more information about the benefits of hiring an administrative virtual assistant.

Hire Our Virtual Secretary and Get All Your Tasks Done on Time

virtual office supportIf after reading all the information above you feel like you are in need of a virtual secretary, we can offer you the most reliable and trustworthy people. Each member of our team has all the required experience and qualities to be the person you can rely on. We can help you to make your business more productive and less stressful.

Virtual secretary services are the solution for your business!