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The Ways that a Data Entry Virtual Assistant can Benefit your Business

data entry virtual assistantDatabases are the most powerful tool businesses have for managing information. The better organized, accurate and extensive your databases are, the more productive your company will be. The reason is clear to see: the faster your employees can find the information they need to complete a certain task, the quicker the task will be completed. Even improving the organization of your databases so that employees find what they are looking for two minutes quicker will save thousands of hours over the course of a year.

It is easy to recognize the importance of well organized data, but harder to create a system that works well for you. Of course there are many computer programs that make this task easier, but the fact remains that someone still has to manage the problem. Some small business owners take this task on themselves, most likely hunched sleepily over the computer late at night after all the other work for the day has been completed. This is obviously not the ideal state for data entry. One is sure to make more mistakes, and even when it is entered correctly, it is more likely to be poorly organized. Other business owners assign this task to an employee, but unless this person enjoys working with data and has a good organizational sense, the same problems will present themselves.

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Data Entry Virtual Assistant to the Rescue

data entry virtual assistantLuckily there is a simple solution: a hire data entry virtual assistant. This person will not only excel at entering large amounts of data accurately, but also in organizing the data in such a way to encourage maximum productivity from your employees. Well organized databases will also drive revenue, as it will drive insights, analytics and risk management. The benefits of well organized data may only present small benefits at any one time – two minutes saved here, tenth of a percent extra revenue growth per month. However, the key is to take the long view of the situation, and realize that many tiny benefits multiplied by each other will eventually yield massive benefits. Considering that trying to operate a competitive small business is – according to Forbes, eight out of ten businesses fail within their first eighteen months – having well organized databases that helps to save time, increase productivity and drive growth. That could mean the difference between being in the twenty percent of businesses that survive this crucial time, and the eighty percent that do not.

Tasks for Your Data Entry Virtual Assistant

Some common services that your virtual assistant can handle include:

  • PDF to Word retyping. It takes considerable attention to detail to correctly retype a PDF file into a word document. Our virtual assistants have the mental toughness to get the job done without any mistakes.
  • PDF to Excel retyping. Our VAs are experts in every computer program, including Excel. This makes them adept at taking the information in a PDF and creating a well organized and easy to read Excel file.
  • JPEG to Word retyping. If you need the information in a JPEG file retyped into a word file, our freelancers are the people to turn to. They are not only extremely fast typers, but they are experts in organizing information so that it is easy for you to find.
  • Forms retyping. If you need any sort of form or document retyped, lean on our VAs to create a better version than the one you had.
  • Questionnaire retyping. If the questionnaire you have been using is not the level of quality that you need, delegate this task to your virtual assistant who can quickly create a new, better version.
  • Handwritten notes retyping. Any time you have handwritten notes that need transcribing, lean on your virtual assistant, who will most likely be the most efficient and accurate typist out of anyone at your company.

We Can Provide You with the Best Data Entry Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant data entryA huge benefit of a virtual assistant for data entry is that you only have to pay them for the work completed. This means they are a much more use of your limited resources compared to hiring a full time employee, who is entitled to a variety of benefits you do not have to provide a virtual assistant. We can offer you a team of professional who can help your business to be successful and less stressful. So don’t hesitate to hire virtual assistants who can lift a huge weight of responsibilities off your shoulders.

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