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My Online Assistant

Why Do You Need My Virtual Assistant?

my virtual assistantMany business owners find themselves doing more and more tasks that they should be passing on to others, but they just don’t have the trained personnel within their organization to do it. Few can afford full time secretarial staff or other help so they spend their time doing often menial work instead of concentrating on their business. The answer is often to hire a virtual assistant to provide the support that you need.

An online assistant can be hired to do anything from basic administration tasks to more complicated tasks such as stocking your online store for you. They can be hired for long term work or just short tasks depending on your needs without any worries on your part for finding resources within your company to look after them. Costs are usually considerably lower for a virtual secretary than hiring one to sit there within your company.

What Can a VA Do for You?

virtual secretaryWhen many people talk about a virtual assistant they often think about only a virtual secretary answering a few calls and doing some typing. The reality is however that you can outsource almost any task that you may have to a virtual assistant. The problem is finding a VA that is actually experienced and qualified to provide you with the help that you need. We get rid of the headache of finding the right expert for you by providing you only with well qualified and experienced virtual assistants that can get straight down to work without weeks of training.

Our experts can cover a huge range of different services and tasks such as the following:

  • Remote executive assistant for all of your appointments and flight bookings
  • Basic administrative services such as typing and transcription
  • Professional services such as payroll and accounting
  • Management of your social media accounts
  • Answering emails and website comments
  • Following up on sales inquiries
  • Market research for your business
  • Data mining and analysis

The list is endless as to what you could ask a VA to do for you, but we will ensure that your assistant is fit for the tasks that you have for them.

We Offer Qualified Staff When You Hire a Virtual Assistant

remote executive assistantThe thing that worries many business owners when hiring a VA is the time that is required to train up the new member of staff and the possibility that they may be unreliable or even pass on confidential information. We take away all of these worries by providing you with proven and experienced staff that are truly experts in the areas that they provide help. Our staff have excellent English language skills and are appropriately qualified for the tasks that you are asking of them.

Guaranteed Services You Can Trust

hire a virtual assistantOur aim is always to provide you with the highest levels of satisfaction by finding the very best virtual assistants for you to work with. We will carefully review your needs before allocating the very best VA and will constantly monitor performance to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. We cover all of our services with our full satisfaction money back guarantee as well as ensuring that all time sensitive work is delivered to you on time every time.

So, if you want to hire “my virtual assistant” to give you rapid and expert help you up to run your business just contact us now!