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Looking for Virtual Assistant FAQs

Why would I be looking for virtual assistant support?

looking for virtual assistantRunning a business is hard work and far too often you will find that you become bogged down doing things that really could be done by someone else and that stop you from doing what you are meant to be doing. Hiring someone to work as an employee can be hard work and of course expensive when you take into account all of the recruitment and hiring costs. You also need to provide them with office space, equipment and all of the other support and overheads that would be associated with them. Hiring a virtual assistant provides you with a highly flexible alternative often at a fraction of the cost.

Tell me what is virtual assistance?

benefits of a virtual assistantOften when people talk about a virtual assistant they think only of someone that can do a little administration work such as typing letters and managing a diary. The reality however is that you can get remote workers to cover almost any task within your business. Most of the time even within a normal company your only interaction with many staff will be through the telephone or email. There are so many jobs that can be outsourced and done by a VA. The following is a brief list of just a few of the things that a remote worker or VA could do for you:

  • Manage your customer service system
  • Look after emails and bookings for you
  • Manage your company website and answer comments
  • Become your social media manager making regular posts and answering questions
  • Administrative tasks such as transcription, data entry, typing and many other tasks
  • Look after various professional type services such as accounting and payroll
  • Maintain databases and maintain information
  • Do market research, investigate competitors, and other tasks
  • Analyzing and mining for data
  • Running customer surveys
  • Chasing up sales enquiries

What are the benefits of a virtual assistant over an employee?

There are many reasons why you should look for a remote employee over using a fully employed person within your business. Below is a list of some of those reasons:

  • No recruitment and hiring costs
  • Limited training costs if any
  • Staff available almost immediately as required
  • No red tape or other issues with dismissing staff
  • Only pay for work actually completed not breaks and gossiping time
  • No need to worry about holiday pay, healthcare costs and other issues
  • Completely flexible
  • No need to find office space, desks, computers, etc.
  • No overhead costs; often salary is only a fraction of what it actually costs to employ someone

How to hire a virtual assistant through your services?

how to hire virtual assistantOur website is available 24/7 and all you need to do is complete the order form that you will find there to start the process. Once you have made your order our staff will review it. If additional clarification is required they will contact you and then provide you with a quotation if required. Once payment is received we will assign your perfectly qualified and experienced VA.

How is your virtual assistant qualified to help me?

We know that if you are going to be satisfied with the services that we provide for you the VA will need to be fully qualified and experienced within the area that you are looking for support. We employ more than 200 experts through our service so we are confident that we will be able to fully match one of our staff to your specific needs. We provide you with experts that are:

  • Holders of relevant higher degrees to the work that they undertake
  • Available from administrative assistants through to senior management level
  • Highly experienced within the areas in which they provide support
  • Have experience within the industries in which we place them
  • Able to use a wide range of software and other tools required for their job
  • Relevantly qualified for professional roles such as book keeping
  • Very quick self starters so that they will be straight to work adding value for your business
  • Highly dedicated to ensuring your full satisfaction

How does a virtual assistant work through your service?

what is virtual assistanceIf you are looking for virtual assistant for hire through our services it can be for almost any purpose for your business and as such the working methods will be provided according to your needs. If you need a set task completing such as doing a lengthy transcription then our staff will work tirelessly on your transcribing until it is completed within the deadline that has been agreed. This will then be available for your review and should you need any alterations then our expert will continue to work with you until it totally to your satisfaction.

Should you require ongoing support then our experts will work with you and undertake reporting and work submission according to the schedules that you agree directly with them. Our aim is always your full satisfaction and they will always communicate directly with you to ensure that they fully understand all of your needs and expectations.

What happens if I am not happy with the service provided by your VA?

We work hard to ensure that you will always be happy with the level of service that we provide. Should you not be happy with the capabilities of the member of staff provided or the work provided then we will always work with you to provide you an alternative or to bring the work to the standard expected. However should it not be possible to provide you satisfaction then our professional services are covered by a money back guarantee.

So if you have any additional questions or you are looking for virtual assistant support just contact our expert services here today for some of the most reliable and affordable support that you will find online!