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How Online Virtual Assistant Works

online virtual assistantRunning a business can be a lot of work. What if there was a way you didn’t have to stress about all those tedious business tasks? By outsourcing your tasks you can really take your business wherever you want it to go. So how do online virtual assistants work? When you contact us, we can show you just how easy the process is going to be!

Place Your Request And Make Initial Deposit of $100 (refundable)

virtual assistant onlineIf you want to hire a virtual assistant online we are the company that you trust. We have experience to get the tasks taken care of successfully. The request that you place is very simple and we will respond to it in a timely manner. When you make the initial $100 refundable deposit, we can start!

Get Trello Dashboard Shared With Us And Start Adding Tasks

hire online assistantWhen you hire online assistants, you can be assured that your tasks will be handled professionally and on time. When you share your Trello dashboard and add tasks you would like done, we will have a virtual assistant get them completed by your deadline! You won’t have to worry about doing these tasks anymore!

We Assign Proper VAs To Each Task

virtual assistant onlineOur team of virtual assistants is reliable. You can count on us to make sure all tasks you assign are done properly. If you have questions about the tasks that you assigned our virtual assistants respond to those right away.

They Complete The Work And Track Time In Trello

hire online assistantAll of the tasks you need completed will be done and time will be tracked in Trello by the online virtual assistant. This allows you to see how each task is going and what time is being used for each task as well.

You Are Charged From the Credit Only When You Close the Task

online virtual assistantThe credit that you provide will only be charged when you close the task. This allows you to make sure work is done according to your terms so there are no surprises. You will only pay for what you approve!

Call us today so we can talk more about providing you with online virtual assistant today!