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How We Provide Virtual Assistant Service

Hiring Virtual Assistant Service

reliable virtual assistant serviceHiring a virtual assistant is becoming all the rage, but how do you go about finding one that is right for you? What steps do you need to take to hire someone from a virtual assistant service? These are questions you may be asking. Fortunately, we have taken all of the hard work out of it, and have provided these answers and more below:

Contact us first

You can do that through the online form below. We literally are just a moment away. You will the fill out an online questionnaire describing waht you need. Information provided here will include:

  • What skills are needed by your VA?
  • What preference do you have for paying? Weekly, hourly, flat-fee, etc.
  • What is the estimated timeframe of completion for the job you are seeking?
  • Will the job be ongoing or limited or have specific time parameters for completion?
  • What price level are you looking for with your hire (entry, intermediate, expert)?
  • How many online assistants will you need?

Choose what you want

Our team of experts will match you with the proper virtual assistant fit, taking the guesswork out of it entirely. You will give us your personal information (name and you’re preferred method of communication) so we can contact you if the need arises at any time during the process, as well as a type of service you would like to receive our help for:

  • Online Research;
  • Content Writing;
  • Linkbuilding;
  • Socia Media Management;
  • Office Assistance;
  • Data Entry;
  • Support Services;
  • Else.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, so never at any time will your information ever be shared.

Provide all the details

Tell us everything you want to receive. Write about the duration of tasks you would like to get, as well as deadline our team should know to guarantee their work to be done perfectly. 

Paying for an online virtual assistant

You need to determine how you will be paying (hourly or flat-fee). You can choose to pay hourly, weekly, monthly or for one project or item at a pre-determined flat fee. You must make payment prior to services rendered. All services are guaranteed. Most major credit cards are accepted. The type of package you select will be contingent on what tasks you need a VA to do, and for how long you need them to do it. Check out our packages to reserve the block of time that best suits your particular needs.

Enjoy the work

Follow these easy steps to make all of the troubles go away and enjoy your life! Allow our remote team to work for you, and it will easily be one of the best decisions you will make for your future. In fact, one of the most commonly cited statement from those who have hired our virtual assistants to help them with their personal or professional work is, “I wish I would have done this sooner!”.

Why to Hire Virtual Assistants

professional online virtual assistantHiring a remote team for virtual assistant services is a great way to outsource tasks so you can focus on core activity, creativity and moving your business forward. Online assistants give you freedom to live and work no longer tied to your desk, while still ensuring the foundation of everyday tasks is kept afloat and running smoothly. Our online assistants are experienced in all facets of work, education and personal services and they enjoy what they do. Whether it is office work (including billing, invoicing, etc.) , receptionist duties (such as answering phones, scheduling, travel arrangements, calendar upkeep, etc.), social media management (including video, graphics and design), e-mail correspondence (often a daily task in and of itself, depending on the size of your business), or something more specialized (like research, real estate, construction, etc.) we can provide you with the online assistants you need to outsource tasks effectively.

No more will you have to sit around shaking your head, frustrated that repetitive or bottleneck tasks that have to be done, are eating up too much of your work and/or personal time. Our matching services are very personalized. Each VA we provide to you has experience and talent working in the areas that are particularly assigned to them. That means you are matched with a virtual assistant who will best meet your individual business needs. A program manager will oversee all work to make sure quality is high, progression is going smoothly and deadlines are being met.

hire virtual assistants onlineWhen you have too much work to do, but must ensure all of the tasks you are outsourcing are being given to a VA who will handle them confidentially and professionally, as well as return them back to you in a timely manner, our service is the best around. We have an ongoing client base who will attest to that very fact, and as noted above, all of our work comes not only with a 100% quality guarantee, but it also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee as well.

Increase productivity, get those repetitive tasks done on time, and focus your time where you need to, by allowing one of our VAs to do the grunt work for you!