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About Our Secretarial Service

Do You Need a Secretarial Service?

Secretaries are rarely seen in businesses today as most staff have access to a computer and are expected to do all of their own admin and typing. However, many of these staff find that they are spending a large amount of their time doing admin style tasks that could be passed onto another instead of doing their actual job. But freeing up their time would traditionally require the hiring of a secretary to do the work, something that most companies just cannot afford. Few have the budget or a full time workload that can justify the hiring of an additional person.

The answer however is simple, almost all secretarial tasks can be done remotely allowing you to hire a virtual secretary at a fraction of the cost and risk that hiring a new member of staff would entail. Our virtual company secretarial services can be accessed as and when required and are able to provide you with help whenever you need it.

What Help Can Our Company Secretarial Services Provide for You?

high-qualified-secretarial-serviceWhen people think about secretaries or even virtual assistants they tend to only think about typing up letters. The truth however is that our secretarial staff can help you with a wide range of tasks that otherwise you would have to do for yourself allowing you to concentrate your time on doing your own work. Our services are highly flexible and we can provide you with help with a single task or give you access to our services for ongoing help on a daily basis.

Through our services our secretarial staff can provide you with help with all of the following and more:

  • Typing and transcription services
  • Collation of information and report generation
  • Answering of emails
  • Management of social media accounts
  • Managing your diary
  • Booking of appointments, meetings, flights and hotels
  • Monitoring and collating expenses
  • Reviewing and taking action on your voicemail

Our Virtual Staff Are Qualified to Help You

With more than 5 years in operation our services have put together a staff of highly qualified and experienced professionals. All work within areas in which they are experienced and qualified ensuring that you always get to work with someone that fully understands the tasks being set. We always provide direct access to proven staff that are:

  • Higher degree qualified in a relevant discipline
  • Highly experienced in the areas in which they work
  • Have access to all of the required software and equipment required
  • Can use relevant software to an expert level
  • Are competent in their areas and able to work with minimal instruction and supervision
  • Have native level English skills and are excellent communicators

Our Secretarial Services Offer Many Benefits and Guarantees

experienced-company-secretarial-servicesWe offer you some of the best qualified and experienced staff that you will find online to work with you closely. We aim for your full satisfaction at all times and will do everything that is required to achieve it; after all we want you to come to us for all of your secretarial service. Through us you benefit from:

  • A fully flexible service that you can turn on or off as required
  • Immediate access to qualified and trained staff
  • No recruitment or hiring costs involved
  • No need for expensive office space, equipment and other overheads
  • Unlimited revisions on all work until you are satisfied with the results
  • Fully confidential help through our services
  • On time delivery guaranteed on all tasks
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with our services or your money back

To save time and get work done accurately and efficiently contact our highly affordable and reliable secretarial service here today.