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10 Things to Outsource to Online Virtual Assistant


10 Things to Outsource to Online Virtual Assistant

Some Benefits to Outsourcing

So, you’re thinking of hiring a virtual assistant? You’ve seen all the buzz about how much time you can save by doing so, drooled over your friends vacationing on a tropical island while their VA attended to their daily virtual assistant tasks, and admit it, you’ve even looked up pricing to see how much one might cost. Am I right? If not…you will. How do I know? Because most of us have at one point, or we will in the future, myself included.

So what are some of the benefits from outsourcing?

  • You’ll get to spend time with your children;
  • You’ll finally get a reminder of what your husband’s face looks like when he isn’t sleeping;
  • Your house will get clean;
  • Your work will be ‘close’ to being caught up (I say ‘close’ because work is never truly caught up);
  • You’ll get to actually make use of the social media accounts you set up to help promote your business;
  • You can get that ad work done you’re always daydreaming about;
  • You can have your graphic design issues resolved;
  • Everything will be in its rightful place, including your incoming e-mails (what?? Oh yes, I do love this benefit! Opening e-mails takes way too much time out of my day, and most of what comes in aren’t even relevant).

Of course, there are other benefits, a ton of them in fact, but I thought eight was a good round number to get us started.

What Can a Virtual Assistant Online Do for You?

Running hand-in-hand with the benefits of outsourcing listed above, there are a TON of things a virtual assistant online can do for you. I can think of 20 right off the top of my head, probably even more if I give it a second or two… but let’s go with 5 for this one:

  1. They can answer your phones. This is true whether you are in the office, out of it, on the golf course, or in a board meeting. And if you need one of those calls (just one) to come through, they can forward that one to you too. You can have this service during business hours or 24/7.
  2. Someone is working when you are not. That’s right, while you’re home sleeping, yes…actually catching a few well earned ZZZs, a virtual assistant can be performing data entry, checking our emails, doing your virtual filing or monitoring your incoming online customer requests.
  3. Online assistants can manage your online presence! Do you need someone to create social media accounts for you? Monitor them? Post regularly to them with relevant and engaging content? Pin the latest restaurant copy recipe for you from Red Lobster? Oh wait, I digressed on the last one… but I did just come across a copycat garlic roll recipe from them on Pinterest that is killer!
  4. They can edit your photos! This is a task that I always think is going to take a few minutes, but it always ends up taking several hours. Every single time. You would think I’d have learned by lesson number five-hundred-bazilliong…but no. With a virtual assistant, you can tell them what you want the end result of the photoshopping or editing to look like, what it will be meant to represent online, and how it will affect your company, and they will comply. That means the only time you spend on photo editing, is the time it took to explain it to your VA. (I heard the collective *gasp.* I know, I get it). Then, when the editing is said and done, they can watermark your photographs too. Well done, VA service, well done.
  5. They can take your raw video footage and turn it into quality advertising. The world’s gone so nuts with YouTube that these days you can tune into some broadcast videos and get two or more ads on one show. I recently had a 1-hour segment running of a popular broadcast and video ads interrupted me at least five times. FIVE TIMES! That means YouTube is a powerhouse right now. It also means it’s annoying…but that’s just me speaking on a personal level. On a professional level, I say hire a virtual assistant company and get your videos up and running!

Those are just the first five that I thought of (and five lovelies they are). Like I said, give me a minute and I could be on a real roll here. There are a LOT of ways to outsource tasks to a remote team of online assistants that could really serve to benefit you (and me).

Virtual Assistance Online Is Guaranteed!

For the sake of time (and the fact that readers don’t like your articles to be too long), let me add just one more little nugget of golden glory to this fact sheet. A good virtual assistance company will guarantee all of their work. What?!?! That’s right! If you don’t like it, just let them know, fire them, and you’ve got your money back. No harm, no foul. An online virtual assistance is starting to sound better and better isn’t it? I guess that’s why we see them popping up all over the place these days. I know I am seriously considering one. Are you?

Don’t hesitate to hire online virtual assistant and watch your company’s productivity grow!

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